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Trinity DipTESOL
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What is the Trinity DipTESOL?

The Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Trinity DipTESOL qualification) is equivalent to a Cambridge DELTA and is an internationally respected, prestigious qualification for experienced teachers of ESOL/EFL. In contrast to the Cambridge DELTA, the Trinity DipTESOL course provides more of a focus on phonology and the option to base your projects on your own particular context.

It is ideal if you are looking for the next step in your ELT career and you are ready to gain an advanced qualification in ELT which will impress employers worldwide. The Trinity DipTESOL course will transform your teaching and help you move into roles such as examiner, coursebook writer, teacher trainer or school manager. 

Why take this course with Oxford TEFL?

Since 1998, we have trained over 700 teachers on the Trinity DipTESOL course and become Europe’s leading course provider. Even if you are working full-time, the flexible format of this course means it can be integrated into your busy life.

Due to the extensive experience we have delivering this course, we have a deep understanding of the needs of the course participants and the course content is updated regularly so that it remains fresh and relevant. We offer a unique level of support to help ensure that participants stay on-track and assessments are passed successfully. 

Our carefully selected, world-class team of tutors are well-known in the TEFL industry and will be by your side to guide you through the course.

Train with us and we will help you reach your full potential and advance your career in ELT.

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Leap into 2023 with the Trinity DipTESOL course

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Trinity DipTESOL Course Overview

  • Blended or Fully Online: Choose between studying 7 months online followed by 4 weeks face-to-face (in Barcelona, Cádiz, or Hong Kong) or studying fully online.
  • Practical: Emphasis throughout the Trinity DipTESOL course on developing teaching skills and applying insights to your classroom.
  • Phonology: Emphasis on teaching pronunciation unique to the Trinity DipTESOL course and highly valued by our graduates.
  • Flexible: Work at times to suit your weekly schedule and take up to 3 years to complete the course if necessary.
  • Professional: Learn from world-class full-time and guest tutors, including Lindsay Clandfield, Ceri Jones, Scott Thornbury and Adrian Underhill.
  • Supportive: Receive unlimited support via email and Zoom from our Trinity DipTESOL Course Director.
  • Transformational: Develop your teaching skills and improve your chances of finding some of the best positions in ELT via our careers service.
  • Recognised: Gain the Trinity DipTESOL qualification, a prestigious, internationally recognised and advanced qualification in ELT.

The Trinity DipTESOL Course

The Trinity Diploma in TESOL is for English Language teachers (including primary and secondary school teachers) who:

  • have at least two years of full-time experience or equivalent (960 hours) teaching English to speakers of other languages.
  • work in the private or public sector with language schools, universities or teaching privately.
  • are looking for an advanced professional qualification in English Language Teaching.

Wherever you are in the world, you can gain the Trinity DipTESOL qualification. From 2021, we are offering even more flexibility with the format.

Choose from two ways to take the Trinity DipTESOL course:


Option 1 (Blended)

7-month part-time phase: online
4-week intensive phase: face-to-face

Option 2 (Fully Online)

7-month part-time phase: online
4-week intensive phase: online

7-month part-time phase

In both cases, the 7-month part-time phase is completed online.

Unit 1 (Written Exam)

Regardless of which option you choose, this 3-hour exam is the only unit which must be taken face-to-face.

You can sit the exam at any centre (e.g., the school where you are currently working), as long as they can provide a quiet room and an invigilator for the duration of the exam.

Unit 2 (Research Projects)

In both cases, these projects are submitted online.

4-week intensive phase:

Units 3 and 4 (Phonology Interview and Observed Lessons)

You will complete these units face-to-face during a 4-week intensive phase in Barcelona, Cádiz, or Hong Kong.

Oxford TEFL will supply the students for the observed lessons.

You will complete these units during a 4-week intensive phase held online via Zoom.

For the unit 4 observed lessons, you can teach your own learners, either in an online class or an offline class live-streamed via Zoom. Alternatively, Oxford TEFL can supply online students for you.

Academic Background

Your application will be considered if you have a first degree (any discipline) or evidence of sustained academic study which would enable you to cope successfully with the requirements of the diploma.

An initial TESOL training qualification like the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL is highly recommended but not essential.

Teaching Experience

You must have two years of full-time ESOL teaching experience at the time of interview, the minimum for a year’s experience normally being at least 15 hours per week over 32 weeks. The minimum amount of teaching required for entry is therefore 960 hours of which 75% of these hours must be with classes.

The experience can be with any age group or teaching context (e.g., online or face-to-face).

We can also consider applicants who have acquired at least 960 hours of experience over a longer period (i.e., part-time teachers), but two years is still the minimum. It is not possible to meet this requirement by teaching 960 hours over a shorter period.

You should not have taken more than a year’s break from ESOL teaching prior to interview.

If you do not meet this requirement, we recommend our CELTA course.

English Proficiency

Due to the demands of the course, we ask that applicants have a C2 level of English.

You do not need a certification to prove your English level.

However, we have included a table below showing what score would be required to achieve a C2 level of English on different exams:

Cambridge C1 AdvancedCambridge C2 ProficiencyCambridge IELTSTOEFL iBT
Grade A and no less than 200 in any paperGrade A, B or C and no less than 200 in any paperOverall band score 8.5 and no less than 8.0 in any skillOverall score 115 and no less than 27 in any skill

Your English level will be assessed throughout the application process.

The 7-month part-time online phase:
  • Seven months online training in our virtual classroom with a group of up to 16 fellow teachers and our team of tutors, participating in forums, webinars, live video classes and email exchanges with fellow students and tutors.
  • Twenty, week-long modules (with some rest weeks in between) led by one of our tutor team which you are expected to contribute to regularly, but the interaction is not scheduled (other than a 45-minute live video class), so you can log into the course throughout the week to suit your own working day.
  • Weekly assignments helping you comprehensively prepare for exams and receive written feedback from your tutor so that you can visualise your development and performance against Trinity’s benchmark. 
  • In total, you will complete around 350 hours of online study and support during this phase (50 hours per month).
  • Start in January, April, or October


What can I expect to learn during the 7 month part-time phase?

Our goal is to provide a course which is dynamic and practical and meets the needs of the participants, so your work in our virtual classroom will be backed up with tasks which get you to apply ideas in your own teaching situation. With a team of highly experienced and qualified tutors, the online modules will help you to deepen your theoretical knowledge and practical skills while preparing for the four assessed units of the Trinity Dip.TESOL course:

  • Unit 1: Teacher Development and Language Awareness
  • Unit 2: Research projects
  • Unit 3: Phonology
  • Unit 4: Teaching practice

Once you have completed the 7-month part-time phase, you will be able to register for the 4-week intensive phase.

During the four weeks, you will complete unit 3 (the phonology interview) and unit 4 (the teaching practice). For more information on these units, see “How will I be assessed?” below. 

What can I expect during the 4-week intensive phase?

If you choose our blended study option, you will complete your unit 3 phonology interview and unit 4 teaching practice over a four-week period in Barcelona, Cádiz, or Hong Kong. You will teach adult students face-to-face in one of our centres and receive support from our tutors who will be with you at the school.

If you choose our 100% online study option, you will complete your unit 3 phonology interview and unit 4 teaching practice online. You will deliver your classes to adult students using Zoom and receive support from our tutors online. We can provide the students for you, or you can use your own students.

In both cases, there are various options for dates (see “Assessment Dates” section below).

What will the schedule be like for the 4-week intensive phase?

The timetabled sessions are held Monday–Friday. The 4-week intensive phase is full-time, so you can expect to spend a total of 40–50 hours per week.

Due to the high workload, you will need to clear your schedule. Candidates who have other commitments during the four weeks are less likely to pass their assessments.

Unit 4 (the teaching practice) will be completed throughout the four weeks—every day, you will either be teaching or observing another teacher. Unit 3 (the phonology interview) will take place in the final week.

Sample timetable for DipTESOL 4-week intensive phase (Monday–Friday)
The schedule below is only intended to be used as a guideline—your session will be different.
9:50–10:00Pre-lesson discussion with tutor
10:05–11:05Assessed teaching OR unassessed teaching OR peer observation*
11:10–12:10Assessed teaching OR unassessed teaching OR peer observation*
12:10–13:20Post-lesson interviews and feedback
14:30–15:00Lesson plan discussion with tutor
15:00–18:30**Independent work: writing lesson plans, lesson evaluations, and teaching practice journal

*Trainees normally teach one or two assessed lessons per week (five assessed lessons in total). If you are teaching supply students, you will also need to teach some unassessed lessons (to meet students, get to know the group, etc.).

**This is only an estimate. The amount of time spent on independent work will vary.

Once you have completed the Trinity DipTESOL course and passed the assessments, you will be awarded the Trinity DipTESOL qualification. This is an internationally recognised professional qualification for English Language Teaching. Many UK universities are now offering credits and/or exemptions on their MA and other courses for those who have obtained their Trinity DipTESOL qualification.

This qualification opens doors to other areas of the ELT profession. Our graduates have gone on to become:

  • Teacher Trainers
  • Coursebook Writers
  • Directors of Studies
  • Managers at major ELT publishers
  • School Managers and Owners
How will I be assessed?

Unit 1 – The Written Paper

You will complete a written exam consisting of a grammar section and two sections with essay questions about teaching and learning. This can be taken at any centre, as long as they can provide a quiet room and an invigilator for the duration of the exam. If you have chosen to take this course fully online, this will be the only assessment for which you will need to attend a centre. Exams are offered in May, August or November.

Unit 2 – The Portfolio

A coursework portfolio including three action research projects. The projects involve observation of other trained teachers, reflection on your own teaching and a research project, where you collect data. Work on the portfolio will be completed throughout the course, guided by a tutor with expertise in your chosen areas. You will need to base the reflection task on teaching a group or groups for 15 hours in total. These projects are submitted online.


Unit 3 – The Interview

In this 30-minute interview with a Trinity examiner, you will deliver a short presentation on a pronunciation activity you have designed and delivered, transcribe a short utterance into phonemic script and have a discussion of the theory and practice of phonology.  This unit is usually taken alongside the final externally assessed lesson. This is completed during the four-week intensive phase.

Unit 4 – Teaching Practice

Assessment of your teaching of five one-hour lessons, each preceded by a discussion of your lesson plan (5 minutes) and followed by a post-lesson discussion with the examiner (20 minutes). Four lessons are assessed by Oxford TEFL tutors, the fifth by a Trinity examiner. You can teach your own students, or Oxford TEFL can provide supply students for the observed lessons. This is completed during the four-week intensive phase.

The Tutors

Our team of Trinity DipTESOL trainers are experts in their field and qualified to a minimum of DELTA / DipTESOL level, which means they are qualified to train teachers of English. They offer support every step of the way throughout your course and are active contributors to the TEFL industry. 

Course Dates

These are the next available start dates for the Trinity DipTESOL course. 

9th January
Application deadline:
2nd January at 12:00 noon (Spain time)
24th April
Application deadline:
17th April at 12:00 noon (Spain time)
9th October
Application deadline:
2nd October at 12:00 noon (Spain time)

Course Fees

Trinity DipTESOL with 4-week intensive in Barcelona, Cádiz, or 100% Online (Standard Option)

€400 EUR deposit to reserve your place + €2,300 EUR to be paid before the course begins.

2,700 EUR*

Trinity DipTESOL with 4-week intensive in Barcelona, Cádiz, or 100% Online (Instalments Option)

€400 EUR deposit to reserve your place + 3 instalments of €800 EUR.

Instalments Option—Payment Deadlines

Course Starts
9th Jan 2023
24th April 2023
9th Oct 2023
Deposit (€400) by
4th Jan
19th April
4th Oct
1st Instalment (€800) by
9th Feb
24th May
9th Nov
2nd Instalment (€800) by
9th April
24th July
9th Jan
3rd Instalment (€800) by
9th June
24th Sept
9th March

2,800 EUR*

Trinity DipTESOL with 4-week intensive in Hong Kong

$10,000 HKD deposit to reserve your place.
$10,000 HKD before starting the 7-month part-time phase.
$10,000 HKD before starting the 4-week intensive phase.

$30,000 HKD*

Your Trinity DipTESOL course fees include:

*Please note: Aside from the Trinity DipTESOL course fees, the following will also have to be paid in order to complete the course:

  • Trinity Examination Fees — In 2022, the fees to submit all 4 units of the Trinity DipTESOL are a total of €494These fees are to be paid at least two months before your first submission. Full Fee Details

    Required Books — 
    There are 6 books you’ll be required to have in order to complete the course. Diploma Reading List

  • Unit 1 Invigilation Fees —
    These fees (if applicable) will need to be paid to the centre hosting your exam. 

Some of those who take our Trinity DipTESOL courses are partially/fully financed by their schools, usually in return for a commitment to stay on with them after graduation. You may wish to ask your employer about any funding for development available.

Assessment Dates

Once you have completed the 7-month part-time phase, you can register for the Trinity assessments.
The assessments can be completed in any order.

Unit 1 : The Written Paper

You must complete the 7-month part-time phase before you can register for the unit 1 exam. 

This assessment must be completed in person—there is no online option. The exam can be taken at any institution, as long as they can provide a quiet room and an invigilator for the duration of the exam. Many trainees choose to sit their exams at the school where they are currently working.

When registration starts, we will email you to ask if/where you would like to take the exam.

Unit 1 Exam Dates
Registration Starts
Registration Deadline
Friday, 19th May 2023
Monday, 6th March
Friday, 31st March
Friday, 11th August 2023
Monday, 5th June
Friday, 30th June
Friday, 24th November 2023
Monday, 11th Sept
Friday, 6th Oct
Unit 2: The Portfolio

You must complete the 7-month part-time phase before you can register for unit 2 supervision.

During your selected period, you will follow a timeline:

  • Months 1–6: Work on your three projects with tutor support. You can complete them one at a time (i.e., two months for each project), or work on all three projects concurrently. 

  • Month 7: Proofread your projects, and then submit them for marking.

When registration starts, we will email you to ask if you would like to start your supervision period.

Unit 2 Supervision Period
Registration Starts
Registration Deadline
January – July 2023
Monday, 19th Dec
Friday, 30th Dec
June – December 2023
Monday, 22nd May
Wednesday, 31st May
September 2023 – March 2024
Monday, 21st Aug
Thursday, 31st Aug
Units 3 and 4: Phonology Interview and Teaching Practice

You must complete the 7-month part-time phase before you can register for units 3 and 4.

Because units 3 and 4 require a live examiner, candidates must register for both units at the same time—it is not possible to register for each unit separately.

When registration starts, we will email you to ask if/where you would like to attend.

Registration Starts
Registration Deadline
4 weeks, full-time
9th Jan – 3rd Feb 2023
Mon, 14th Nov
Fri, 9th Dec
Hong Kong
4 weeks, full-time
3rd–28th July 2023
Mon, 8th May
Fri, 2nd June
Hong Kong
4 weeks, full-time
31st July – 25th Aug 2023
Mon, 5th June
Fri, 30th June
14 weeks, part-time
18th Sept – 20th Dec 2023
Mon, 31st July
Fri, 25th Aug
CELTA careers service

Careers Support

  • We are committed to providing our graduates with the best lifelong careers support possible. We work with you before, during, and after the course to help you secure a new job if that is your aim.
  • Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of our graduates find work all over the world. We have an Oxford TEFL Jobs Facebook page which is updated regularly with jobs around the world.
  • You can also stay in touch with our community of teachers, trainers and graduates by joining our Trinity DipTESOL Facebook group (exclusively for our teachers, graduates and trainers).

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