Key differences between Trinity DipTESOL and Cambridge Delta

If you are an experienced teacher, you may be considering taking a more advanced qualification in ELT. For many teachers, this means considering the Trinity DipTESOL and the Cambridge Delta.

Trinity and Cambridge-accredited courses are of equal recognition and are world-renowned as high-quality teacher training. Having a Trinity DipTESOL or Cambridge Delta is one of the best ways you can develop your teaching career and compete for some of the best jobs in ELT.

Both courses are suitable for teachers in any context, working with any age range – young learners, teenagers or adults. You also have the opportunity to focus on a specialist area of study.

A comparison

Trinity DipTESOL vs Cambridge DELTA

Trinity DipTESOL

The Trinity DipTESOL consists of four units, which you can also take together or separately, in any order, within three years. It is a flexible course – you study at your own pace, and the practical elements take place in an approved centre.

Number of modules: 4
Duration: 9-12 months (up to 3 years maximum)
Exam fees: €534 (2020)
Assesment: Unit 1: Written exam (3 hours, externally assessed)
Unit 2: Coursework portfolio (3 projects internally assessed and externally moderated)
Unit 3: Phonology interview (30-minutes, externally assessed)
Unit 4: Teaching practice (5 hours, internally and externally assessed)
Qualification level: 7 (60 credits)
Price: Oxford TEFL fee is €2600

Cambridge DELTA

The Cambridge Delta consists of three modules, which you can take together or separately, in any order and at any time. The flexibility of the course will depend greatly on the course provider and format.

Number of modules: 3
Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 years (depending on person and course provider). ome intensive 3-month and 9-month course also exist.
Exam fees: €534 (2020)
Assesment: Module 1: Written exam (3-hour 30 minutes, externally moderated)
Module 2: Coursework portfolio (5 assignments, externally assessed)
Module 3: Written assignment (externally assessed)
Qualification level: 7 (60 credits)
Price: Varies, usually €3000+

What makes the Trinity DipTESOL with Oxford TEFL stand apart from other course providers?

Video Observations

We are proud to be one of the only courses with an option to submit video observations remotely from your own workplace for added flexibility and convenience.


Study for 7 months online (about 10-15 hours per week) followed by 4 weeks face to face in Barcelona, Cádiz, Prague, Kerala or Hong Kong. Total course duration is 9-12 months on average.


Learn from world-class full time and guest tutors, including Lindsay Clandfield, Scott Thornbury and Adrian Underhill.


Emphasis throughout the course on developing teaching skills and applying insights to your classroom.


Emphasis on teaching pronunciation is unique to the Trinity DipTESOL course and highly valued by our graduates.


Study at times to suit your weekly schedule. Choose from 3 dates for the unit 1 written exam and submit your unit 2 portfolio when you are ready.


Receive unlimited support via email and Skype from our Course Director.


Develop your teaching skills and improve your chances of finding some of the best positions in ELT via our careers service.


Gain a prestigious, internationally-recognized and advanced qualification in ELT.

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