Terms & Conditions
Trinity DipTESOL

Please note that enrolment on this course is subject to the following terms and conditions:



  1. Payment options:
    • Standard option—You pay the deposit and then the balance. The balance of course fees must be paid before the first day of the 7-month part-time phase.
    • Instalments option—You pay the deposit before the course starts to reserve your place. The next three instalments must be paid on the dates specified in your place offer email. If payment is not made by the due date, you will be removed from the course.
  2. If you cancel/postpone the starting date of your Trinity DipTESOL course giving:
    • More than 2 weeks notice—you will forfeit a €150 administration fee. All other fees will be refunded.
    • Less than 2 weeks notice—you will forfeit the deposit from the original fees paid. The remaining balance will be valid for a future course to be started within one year.
  3. If you drop out during the course, you will not be entitled to any refund.
  4. If you would like to rejoin the course, you can do so within 3 years of course commencement and by repaying the €450 deposit. This deposit could be waived, at our discretion, if suitable evidence is provided of any exceptional circumstances.
  5. The place on any course and fees paid cannot be transferred to another person.
  6. Oxford TEFL cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel a course up to 2 weeks before the start date. In this case, your full fees will be refunded (including the deposit). 



  1. Trainees must complete at least 80% of their coursework by the end of the 7-month part-time phase (i.e., the end of revision week). Otherwise, the €450 deposit will need to be repaid, and the trainee will need to restart the course with the next available cohort. Exceptions may be made at our discretion if sufficient evidence is provided of an extenuating circumstance.


Trinity Assessments

  1. Trainees must complete at least 80% of the coursework from the 7-month part-time phase before being eligible to register for the Trinity assessments.
  2. Trainees must submit at least one of the four units of the DipTESOL within 2 years of starting the 7-month part-time phase. Otherwise, the trainee will be considered to have withdrawn from the course. Exceptions may be made at our discretion if sufficient evidence is provided of an extenuating circumstance.
  3. As your course provider, we reserve the right to defer putting you forward for your Trinity assessments if we feel you are not ready.


Unit 1 — The exam is offered three times per year: in May, August and November. Once you have completed the 7-month part-time phase, we will email you 10 weeks before each date to start registration. You will need to pass a mock exam with at least 55% in order to register for the official exam.

Unit 2  You will electronically submit all three projects. There is no set date for submission, but you will need to work with your assigned tutor to complete the projects before support expires. You can request extra support after the deadline for a fee of €200 by contacting Nicola Meldrum

Units 3 and 4 — All available dates are listed on the course description page. We will email you 2 months before each opportunity to start registration. Entries received up to 4–8 weeks before the exam date will be subject to a surcharge of 50%. Entries received fewer than four weeks (28 days) before the examination will not be accepted.



  1. If you choose to attend the 4-week intensive phase in person, it is your responsibility to check if you need a visa for your preferred location. If you are required to apply for a visa, you will need to make an appointment at least two months in advance of travel to ensure that your visa is received in time.
  2. If you require a Schengen visa for Spain, you will need to submit your application to BLS International. For other locations, please contact us for more information.
  3. If you need a letter of enrolment to present with your visa application, we can send you a PDF letter via email free of charge.


Trinity Exam Fees for 2021

Trinity exam fees vary by location.
Exam fees are due at the time of registration (2 months before your assessment takes place).

Unit 1
Written Exam
All Locations€56 (EUR)
Units 2-4*
4-Week Intensive
Barcelona, Cádiz, and Online€478 (EUR)
Kerala and Hong Kong£521 (GBP)

*The fees for units 2-4 are charged together as a group. However, you will only complete unit 3 (the phonology interview) and unit 4 (the observed lessons) during the 4-week intensive phase of the course. You can submit the unit 2 projects later without paying any additional fees.


Trinity Resit Fees for 2021

Unit 1
Written Exam
All Locations€56 (EUR)
Unit 2
All Locations€34 (EUR)
per project
Unit 3
Phonology Interview
Barcelona, Cádiz, and Online€136 (EUR)
Kerala and Hong Kong£154 (GBP)
Unit 4
Internal Lesson Only
Barcelona, Cádiz, and Online€58 (EUR)
Kerala and Hong Kong£48 (GBP)
Unit 4
External Lesson
(and Internal Lesson)
Barcelona, Cádiz, and Online€255 (EUR)
Kerala and Hong Kong£285 (GBP)
Unit 4
Teaching Practice Journal
All Locations€100 (EUR)


Oxford TEFL Fees: Resits and Extra Support (2021)




Unit 1
Written Exam (Required)

Mock exam marking and feedback from tutor

€50 (EUR)

Unit 2

Internal marking (cost is per project)

€50 (EUR)

Unit 2

3 extra hours of tutor support

€200 (EUR)

Unit 3
Phonology Interview

Mock exam and feedback with tutor

€60 (EUR)

Unit 4
Observed Lessons

3 hours of tutor support and use of materials and resources in the centre

€200 (EUR)


Notes Regarding Fees

  • Trinity reserves the right to change fees without further notification.
  • If an applicant postpones any unit of the examinations after the exam request form has been submitted, he/she will be declared absent and will have to pay the full Trinity fees for that exam again.