Teacher development course

Certificate in Content Language Integrated Learning

Who is this course for?

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. Teaching CLIL is a growing part of the ELT industry, especially in primary and secondary context and these are the areas we focus on in this course. Our CLIL course is designed for teachers who would like to or already do teach content subjects like History, Science or Maths, for example, in English.

What will you learn?

The Teaching CLIL course covers a range of topics related to Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), including:

  • CLIL & language learning
  • What is CLIL?
  • CLIL & SLA
  • CLIL & methodology
  • Resources, tasks & materials
  • Thinking skills in CLIL
  • Content & language activities in CLIL
  • Materials & resources for teachers & learners
  • Planning for CLIL
  • Learner language for CLIL classes
  • Lesson planning for CLIL
  • Consolidating learning & differentiating for CLIL

How will this course help you develop?

This CLIL course will give you a solid grounding in CLIL if you are a newly qualified teacher entering this branch of ELT and it will help you develop existing skills if you already work in this sector. You will look at how to incorporate EFL (English as a Foreign Language) techniques into subject teaching to aid learner understanding of instructions, materials and explanations. You will also look at materials creation, how to develop learner autonomy, theories of second language acquisition and how they link to CLIL. This course will equip you to operate more effectively in this context and also encourage you to take elements of it into general primary and secondary teaching.

How will the course work?

For information about how this course works, the schedule and how you will be assessed, we recommend reading our FAQs section at the bottom of this page.

Course tutor

As a participant of the CLIL course, you will receive personalised guidance from Jane Delaney

How can you take this course?

Online one to one course

  • Flexible – study over 3 or 6 weeks
  • 30 hours
  • Personalised attention from an expert tutor
  • Feedback on tasks and live tutorials