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Find a great job in TEFL within 1-4 weeks of course completion with our comprehensive Careers Service

*as specified on the Cambridge Assessment English website

**provided work authorisation has been processed in the desired country of work 

Impress employers
The Trinity CertTESOL and Cambridge CELTA are highly sought-after qualifications by employers. Once you have completed your training with us, you are in the best possible position to find a great job in TEFL anywhere in the world. 

Employers worldwide know that you have received rigorous training from TEFL professionals and you are ready to start teaching their students. Our graduates regularly receive a higher hourly rate than those who have taken online TEFL courses or courses which are not accredited by Trinity or Cambridge. Combine this with our comprehensive and lifelong Careers Service and you are good to go! We have been providing training and job assistance since 1998, so you can be assured that we can help you too. 

Worldwide community
From day one, you will join our vibrant graduate community and receive support every step of the way. Whether you choose to stay in the location you study or work on the other side of the world, we are here to help. As part of our community, you will be able to stay in touch with our team and graduates and find out about the best job openings available via our Careers Service, graduate Facebook group and Oxford TEFL Jobs Facebook page. 

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Here is how we can help you find a great job in TEFL

Provide you with the most-recognised TEFL qualification worldwide

A Cambridge or Trinity-accredited certificate from Oxford TEFL will ensure that you generate the maximum interest and respect from employers around the world and find a great job in TEFL.

Reputation Worldwide

Oxford TEFL is recognised worldwide as one of the top TEFL training centres. We train more teachers each month than many of our competitors, and employers know and trust our solid reputation. This means our graduates often get preference over graduates from some other TEFL training centres.

Prepare your TEFL CV/Resume

We will help you write an eye-catching CV to impress employers and convince them you are a great candidate for the job. You can even send it to us before you start your course to get a head start. Don’t worry if you’ve never taught before – we’ll show you how to make your past experience relevant to your job search.

Keep you informed about TEFL vacancies

New job offers from around the world are frequently posted on our Oxford TEFL Jobs facebook page. During the course we’ll also let you know whenever there are job openings locally.

Send out your CV to employers in Europe (300+)

We have direct contact with employers around Europe who have requested to be sent the CVs of our graduates. We will help you find a great job in TEFL by sending your CV to them and share our list of contacts with you.

Provide you with a list of employers worldwide (300+)

Our carefully curated database of TEFL employers worldwide makes it easy for you to get in touch with multiple employers in multiple countries.

Prepare you for job interviews

During the course, you will have a dedicated session to prepare you for interviews. You can discuss various questions you will likely be asked with your peers and our Careers Advisor. We’ll also go over the interview “dos and don’ts”, what to take with you and what to ask potential employers so you make a good impression on the day.

Recommend teaching online companies

We have first-hand experience teaching English online and we are also able to recommend some of the best companies and agents to work for. Whether you plan to teach English online as your main job, or simply to supplement your existing income, we will help you find a great job in TEFL teaching online.

Help you find private students

We can help you find private students by providing you with great resources, such as useful websites, and other ideas for attracting potential students. Additionally, we will help you market yourself to private students by using a variety of different methods like writing ads for online job boards and recommending different platforms, while providing you with a bank of useful teaching resources for free.

Help you prepare for demo lessons

Many employers ask you to prepare a demo lesson as part of the application process. We are there to support you by helping you plan your lesson and materials. You can use our library and facilities too!

Get visas and work permits (if you need them)

As an EU citizen, you will not require a visa or work permit to work in EU countries. If you are a non-EU citizen and want to work in these locations, we will offer you support and advice about the process required to get legal.

Connect you with our graduates

We will put you in touch with our graduates working worldwide for advice and support on job markets. With over five thousand graduates (and counting), that’s quite a lot of jobs, experiences, classrooms, visa applications, culture shock and weird food!

Write references for you

We are happy to act as referees for you directly after the course, during your first job search or at any point down the line in your career.

Meet our Careers Advisor

Justin McCarty is one of our graduates from June 2017. Before becoming the Careers Advisor for Oxford TEFL, he worked in Human Resources and Administration for over 12 years in the United States. During this time, he was responsible for finding the best candidate for the job by reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and training new staff in their new positions. His knowledge in these processes has helped many Oxford TEFL graduates perfect their CV, successfully interview and find the best job in TEFL.

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