Teacher development course

Certificate in Leadership in ELT

Who is this course for?

Our online Leadership in ELT course is suitable for school managers or leaders in different ELT contexts. It will not only improve your confidence to lead others but will also help you work on self-leadership to improve your time management and personal development. Working with core skills, this course applies those skills in contexts related to your work and is particularly useful if you have recently taken up a management role such as Senior Teacher or Director of Studies.

What will you learn?

The Leadership in ELT course covers a range of topics which will help you gain a deeper understanding of leadership and how to apply core skills to become a more effective manager. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Self diagnostic tests
  • Communication skills
  • Getting feedback
  • Managing time
  • Motivating
  • Teamwork
  • Delegation

How will this course help you develop?

As a graduate of the Leadership in ELT course, you will understand and use key leadership tools to solve challenges in your job and to further your career. You will also develop your understanding of what leadership is and your own style. Through role play and simulation activities you will develop your communication skills and develop a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. You will address typical challenges you have in your work by learning to use tools to help you lead effectively.

How will the course work?

For information about how this course works, the schedule and how you will be assessed, we recommend reading our FAQs section at the bottom of this page.

Course tutor

As a participant of the online Leadership in ELT course, you will receive personalised guidance from Oxford TEFL Director Duncan Foord.

How can you take this course?

Online one to one course

  • Flexible – study over 3 or 6 weeks
  • 30 hours
  • Personalised attention from an expert tutor
  • Feedback on tasks and live tutorials