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Cambridge CELTA
(100% online, part-time)

Unable to commit to a full-time course? Take your CELTA course online over 14 weeks.

The Part-Time Online CELTA course

If you are looking for a flexible way to gain your CELTA qualification, you could consider our part-time online CELTA course and study over 14 weeks. If you can dedicate 15–20 hours per week and you would like to gain the most-recognised TEFL certification worldwide, this course is for you.

Whether you are working full time, have a family at home or simply have other commitments, we have a schedule to suit you and your time zone. We offer a variety of part-time options. You can choose between doing your teaching practice on Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs, Fridays only, Saturdays only, or Sundays only.

All elements of the online CELTA course will be provided remotely. You will receive training via the Cambridge learning platform and deliver your classes via Zoom. The qualification itself has exactly the same depth of study and recognition as our full-time and face-to-face options.

Find out why we have an average recommendation rating of 9.4 and join our community of over 1000 online CELTA graduates now working worldwide by taking this course with us.

CELTA Course Overview

  • A prestigious, internationally recognised TEFL qualification 
  • Study 100% online over 14 weeks
  • 6 hours observed online teaching practice with real adult students
  • 15–20 hours in total per week of studying and teaching practice
  • 10 hours of free and optional Zoom training from our course director during your course
  • Convenient and flexible—study from anywhere 
  • Course for native and non-native English speakers
  • Training for teaching adults and young learners
  • One input session plus three video observations of real face-to-face classes
  • A positive, dynamic and supportive learning environment
  • World-class, experienced tutors
  • Comprehensive careers service



10 ways the Cambridge CELTA course is great for your career

Limited places available

The 100% Online Part-Time CELTA Course

The Cambridge CELTA is one of only two TEFL qualifications that are listed by the British Council as an acceptable teaching qualification that meets their standards and requirements. Around 75% of employers request the Cambridge CELTA certification. So, being a qualified CELTA teacher immediately puts you at an advantage to many other teachers worldwide.

If you would like to teach English abroad, this is possibly the best way you can start. We have been training teachers since 1998 and we are ready to help you gain your internationally recognised TEFL certification too.

Whether you are working full time, have a family at home or just have other commitments, this flexible study option could be for you. The part-time online CELTA course is delivered via the Cambridge learning platform, and you will work through the content week-by-week. You will receive a total of 90 hours of contact time with your tutor, completing your teaching practice or observing other teachers. The rest of the time, you will be able to work through the content on the platform or self-study.

On Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs, Fridays only, Saturdays only, or Sundays only (depending on the schedule you have chosen), you will attend live lessons, complete your teaching practice and observe other teachers. Trainees are required to attend all timetabled sessions, every week, for the full 14 weeks.

Input is flexible and you will be able to access the online content on a day and time which suits you. You can expect to spend around 10–15 hours each week reading content, watching videos, participating in the forum, and completing assignments. Each week you will complete different modules including (but not limited to): lesson planning, classroom management, checking understanding, pronunciation, and error correction.

In total, you will need to dedicate around 15–20 hours per week, including the teaching practice. We do not record and share any sessions externally or with other trainees (unless prior permission has been granted) meaning your privacy is guaranteed.

At the start of the part-time online CELTA course, you will be divided into small teaching practice groups (4–6 trainees) and assigned an experienced tutor to guide you during your teaching practice. You will receive one-to-one support planning your classes, and your tutor will observe you and give you feedback on the classes you teach. You will also have the opportunity to observe your peers and give them feedback on their classes. You will teach 6 hours in total to groups of between 6 and 12 students from all over the world. Our CELTA trainees find the teaching practice challenging and also very rewarding.

All classes will be delivered via our online platform, Zoom, and you will teach a minimum of two levels. We also provide one dedicated input session on teaching in “real” classrooms and three video observations of these types of classes as part of your training. This means that by the end of the course you will be prepared for teaching both online and face to face classes. Find out more in our our article about how the teaching practice works on our 100% online CELTA course.

During your chosen teaching practice schedule, you will complete your online teaching practice with real adult students. You will either be teaching on this day or observing a peer.

The schedule will vary depending on the day(s) of your course and the timetable you choose:


Schedule for Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs course
Early Option (10:15–14:00 Spain time)Late Option (17:15–21:00 Spain time)
Live Lesson (Monday and Tuesday only)17:15–18:15Live Lesson (Monday and Tuesday only)
Lesson Planning18:30–19:00Lesson Planning
Teaching Practice19:00–20:30Teaching Practice


Schedule for Friday OR Saturday OR Sunday course
Early Option (10:00–17:00 Spain time)Late Option (16:00–23:00 Spain time)
Teaching Practice16:00–
Live Lesson
20-Minute Break17:00–
Teaching Practice
50-Minute Break
Lesson Planning21:00–
30-Minute Break22:00–
Lesson Planning
Live Lesson  


It is not necessary to have a university degree, to be a native speaker of English, to speak a foreign language, or to have any previous teaching experience. To be considered for the part-time online CELTA course, you will need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be educated to the standard required for entry into higher education (e.g., “A-levels” in the UK, a high school diploma in the US/Canada). 
  • Be in good enough health to deal with the demands of an intensive training course.
  • Demonstrate your ability to cope with the academic demands of the course (assessed via the application process).
  • Have the computer skills required for online study (e.g., sharing files using cloud storage, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, taking a screenshot, etc.).
  • Have a C1.2 (high C1) or C2 level of English.


While we do not require any certificates, we have included a table below showing what score would be required to achieve a C1.2 level of English on different exams:

Cambridge C1 Advanced

Cambridge C2 Proficiency

Cambridge IELTS


Grade A or B and no less than 180 in any paper

Grade A, B or C and no less than 180 in any paper

Overall band score 7.5 and no less than 7.0 in any skill

Overall score 105 and no less than 25 in any skill

Your English level will be assessed throughout the application process.

Some prior knowledge of English grammar is beneficial and will increase your chances of being accepted onto the course and passing your assessments.

We will provide you with a free 20-hour pre-course task which will help you familiarise yourself with English grammar and get prepared for the course.

During the part-time online CELTA course, you will also learn more about English grammar. We believe in learning through involvement and in your grammar and language awareness sessions you will mostly experience a workshop approach, where your tutor acts as a “facilitator/animator” rather than as a lecturer. 

First, complete the application form. We will check your application and get in touch within one working day to send you a pre-interview task (grammar and language awareness).

Once you have completed the pre-interview task, you will be able to select the day and time of your online interview.

During the online interview, we will ask you about the pre-interview task, your background and reasons for wanting to take the course. We will make sure that the course is a good fit for you and vice versa. 

If accepted, you will receive a full place offer and information about how to secure your place on the course via email.

No. The official CELTA certificate does not mention the modality of your course. 

Graduates of our CELTA courses typically go on to work in private language schools or private private tuition. You will be able to teach adult or young learner students online or around the world. One of the great things about the CELTA qualification is that once you have it, you can work anywhere (visa permitting). The qualification does not expire, it is for life.


You will be assessed throughout the course and there is no final examination. The CELTA course also takes into consideration various aspects of professionalism and professional development.

These include:

Responsible and professional attitude to learning
Responsible and professional attitude to planning and teaching of your lessons
Punctuality and organisation
Willingness to respond to feedback and adjust your own teaching appropriately
Overall progress and professionalism in the field


The two types of assessment are:

1. Teaching practice

You will teach online for a total of 6 hours, working with adult classes at a minimum of two levels of ability. Assessment is based on your overall performance.

2. Written assignments

You will complete four written assignments (each 750–1,000 words). These focus on:

  • analysing and responding to adult learner needs
  • analysing language for teaching purposes
  • teaching language skills
  • reflecting on classroom teaching

The tutors

Our team of trainers are experts in their field and qualified to a minimum of DELTA / DipTESOL level, which means they are qualified to train teachers of English. They offer support every step of the way throughout your course and are very active in the TEFL industry.

Course Dates (2023)

Below you can find the available dates for the online part-time CELTA course.
Each course has two different timetables to choose from.

30th June 2023 -
29th Sept 2023

Fridays 10:00–17:00
Fridays 16:00–23:00
(Spain time)

Application deadline: 20th June at 12:00 noon (Spain time)
3rd Sept 2023 -
3rd Dec 2023

Sundays 10:00–17:00
Sundays 16:00–23:00
(Spain time*)

Application deadline: 22nd Aug at 12:00 noon (Spain time)
18th Sept 2023 -
20th Dec 2023

Mondays 10:15–14:00 +
Wednesdays 11:30–14:00
Mondays 17:15–21:00 +
Wednesdays 18:30–21:00
(Spain time*)

Application deadline: 5th Sept at 12:00 noon (Spain time)
14th Oct 2023 -
27th Jan 2024

Saturdays 10:00–17:00
Saturdays 16:00–23:00
(Spain time*)

🌴 No class on 30th Dec or 6th Jan

Application deadline: 3rd Oct at 12:00 noon (Spain time)
7th Nov 2023 -
22nd Feb 2024

Tuesdays 10:15–14:00 +
Thursdays 11:30–14:00
Tuesdays 17:15–21:00 +
Thursdays 18:30–21:00
(Spain time)

🌴 No class on 26th Dec, 28th Dec, 2nd Jan or 4th Jan

Application deadline: 24th Oct at 12:00 noon (Spain time)
1st Dec 2023 -
15th Mar 2024

Fridays 10:00–17:00
Fridays 16:00–23:00
(Spain time)

🌴 No class on 29th Dec or 5th Jan

Application deadline: 21st Nov at 12:00 noon (Spain time)

*Daylight Saving Time in Spain will end on 29th October 2023, and the clocks will be set back one hour. If your country does not observe Daylight Saving Time or follows a different schedule for clock changes (such as North America, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand), the course schedule in your local time zone may change.

Course fees

Cambridge CELTA (Standard Option)

€425 deposit to reserve your place + €1200 to be paid before the course begins.


Cambridge CELTA (Instalments Option)

€425 deposit to reserve your place + 3 instalments of €425.

Instalments Option—Payment Deadlines
Course Starts
27th May
30th Jun
3rd Sep
18th Sep
14th Oct
Deposit (€425) by
18th May*
22nd Jun*
24th Aug*
7th Sep*
5th Oct*
1st Instalment (€425) by
27th May*
30th Jun*
3rd Sep*
18th Sep*
14th Oct*
2nd Instalment (€425) by
27th Jun*
30th Jul*
3rd Oct*
18th Oct*
14th Nov*
3rd Instalment (€425) by
27th Jul*
30th Aug*
3rd Nov*
18th Nov*
14th Dec*

*Deadline for payment is 12:00 noon Spain time.


This price includes:
TEFL course career

How can we help you find a job?

  • 75% of English language teaching jobs require a Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL qualification
  • 90% of our graduates secure employment within 1-4 weeks of course completion
  • 20% of our graduates secure employment even before they have graduated
  • 95% of our graduates who look for work in Asia secure employment
  • 100% dedication from our Careers Advisor

On average, our CELTA course graduates find work within 21 days of graduation. Our dedicated Careers Advisor works closely with our trainees before, during and after the course to ensure that you have a great chance of finding a good position anywhere in the world. This includes an online group session to answer any of your questions.

We have a database of over 500 schools and graduates who we are regularly in touch with, and we can refer you to them. Our Oxford TEFL Jobs Facebook page is updated regularly with new jobs around the world.

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