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Trinity DipTESOL Reading List

Required Reading

The following titles are used during the course. You are expected to have your own copy of each of these books and readings will be assigned from them. Please note you will need the most RECENT EDITION in each case.

Parrott, M.Grammar for English Language TeachersCUP
Kelly, G.How to Teach PronunciationLongman
Harmer, J.The Practice of English Language Teaching (edition with DVD)Longman
Lightbown, P. and Spada, N.How Languages are Learned 
Thornbury, S.Big Questions in ELTThe Round
Foord, D.The Developing TeacherDelta publishing

Tutor and trainee favourites

These are titles recommended by our tutors and previous trainees. You don’t need to buy them. Trinity have also published a very extensive bibliography on their website.


Language Awareness

  • Edge, J  Mistakes and Correction Longman
  • Lewis, Michael The English Verb LTP
  • Swan, Michael Practical English Use Oxford University Press 1980
  • Thornbury, S About Language CUP
  • Thornbury, S Uncovering Grammar Macmillan



  • Swan, M. & Smith, B. (eds.) Learner English: A teacher’s guide to interference and other problems CUP 2001 (also useful for grammar)
  • Baker, Ann Ship or sheep? Cambridge University Press 1977
  • Bowler, Bill New Headway Pronunciation Course Oxford University Press 2001
  • Hancock, Mark Pronunciation Games Cambridge University Press 1995


English as a world Language

  • MacKay, S Teaching English as an International Language OUP
  • Pennycook,A The Cultural Politics of English as an International Language Longman
  • Crystal, David Cambridge Encyclopedia of English CUP
  • Graddol, Leith, Swann English History Diversity and Change Routledge Press
  • Graddol, David English Next British Council 2006


General ELT overview

  • Thornbury, S An A-Z of ELT Macmillan ** Highly recommended as a extended glossary. Excellent for revision!


Second Language Acquisition and Methodology

  • Ellis, R Second Language Acquisition OUP
  • Krashen,S and Terrell,T The Natural Approach Pergamon
  • Lewis,M Implementing the Lexical Approach LTP
  • Richards, J & Rogers, T Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching CUP
  • Hedge, T. Learning and Teaching in the Language Classroom. OUP


Teacher Development

  • Fletcher, M Teaching for Success English Experience
  • James, Peter Teachers in Action Cambridge University Press 2001
  • Richards, J and Farrell, T Professional Development for Language Teachers:
  • Wallace, M Action Research for Language Teachers CUP



  • Hockly N and clandfield L Teaching Online Delta 2010
  • Thornbury S and Meddings L Teaching Unplugged Delta 2009
  • Bilbrough, Nick Dialogue Activities Cambridge University Press 2007
  • Clandfield, Lindsay and Luke Prodromou Dealing with Difficulties Delta Publishing 2007
  • Cunningsworth, A Choosing your coursebook Macmillan
  • Dudeney, Gavin and Nick Hockly How to Teach English with Technology Pearson 2007
  • Davis, Paul and Mario Rinvolucri
  • Dictation Cambridge University Press 1988
  • Powell, Mark Presenting in English Thomson Heinle 2002
  • Sion, Chris Creating Conversation in Class Delta Publishing 2001

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