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Teacher development course

Certificate in Managing and Supporting Teachers

Who is this course for?

The Certificate in Managing and Supporting Teachers is for ELT professionals working in / or looking to work in roles which involve managing teachers, such as Director of Studies, Senior teacher, Co-ordinator or Academic Manager.

It is ideal if you are a trained English teacher but have had little or no training to prepare you for a leadership or management role in ELT. You may currently be able to adapt a lot of the skills you have as an English teacher, but you would like to know how to apply this to a role involving managing and supporting teachers in an online or physical school environment. In addition to this, you would like to find out more about how to develop your strengths and tackle areas such as motivating people, developing individuals and teams and understanding the fundamentals of the ELT organisation you work for.

If you are not already working in an ELT management role, you will be able to develop your skills and improve your chances of moving your career in this direction. The personalised guidance you receive from our expert tutor will help you work on your weak areas and strengthen your existing skills

What will you learn?

The Certificate in Managing and Supporting Teachers will help you understand your management style, how to recruit and support teachers, and how to build an effective team through mentorship in order to develop their skills in a way which benefits them and the school. You will also look at case studies related to practical challenges such as timetabling, selecting materials and course design.
The course covers a range of topics including:

  • Diagnostic tests to discover your leadership style
  • Teacher recruitment and interviewing strategies
  • Managing class timetables, materials and resources
  • Looking after student and teacher wellbeing
  • Gathering and acting on feedback from students and teachers
  • Assessing and developing teachers
  • Understanding the business fundamentals of your ELT organisation
  • Effective communication with staff, students, parents (and your boss!)

How will this course help you develop?

The Certificate in Managing and Supporting Teachers course content is highly practical and incorporates a variety of carefully selected tasks, reading and video material and case studies.

The practical tasks and assignments will help you apply what you are learning and you will receive constructive written and verbal feedback from your tutor to help you gain the confidence and skills you need.

By the end of the course, you will have grown in confidence in your current role or potential role in academic management. You will have worked on core skills and clearly understand areas for future development.

How will the course work?

For information about how this course works, the schedule and how you will be assessed, we recommend reading our FAQs section at the bottom of this page.

Course Tutors

As a participant of the online Certificate in Managing and Supporting Teachers course, you will receive personalised guidance from Duncan Foord and Anna Stubbs. They each have over 25 years of experience recruiting, managing, supporting and mentoring teams of teachers across various ELT contexts.


How can you take this course?

Online one-to-one course

  • Flexible – study over 3 or 6 weeks
  • 30 hours
  • Personalised attention from an expert tutor
  • Feedback on tasks and live tutorials


Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a digital Oxford TEFL certificate.

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Our teacher development courses are provided on a one-to-one basis with individualised attention from an expert tutor who will guide you through the three modules covering a range of topics. All of these courses are 100% online so you can take these courses from anywhere in the world.

You will need a laptop or computer, a webcam and speakers/ headset and a good internet connection. You do not need to purchase any account to connect with us but you will need to ensure that you have downloaded Skype / Zoom onto your device.

Our 30-hour teacher development courses are taken over either 3 or 6 weeks (you choose). If you choose to take the course over 3 weeks, you will need to dedicate around 10 hours per week to the course. If you take the course over 6 weeks, you will need to dedicate around 5 hours per week to the course.

You can start our teacher development courses on any Friday of the year. Your start date is when your tutor will get in contact to introduce themselves and connect you to the online learning platform. This doesn’t mean you need to be available on Fridays specifically.

The course is designed to be very flexible. The only thing you will need to schedule will be your three online tutorials with your tutor (one at the end of each module, around 25-30 minutes each). You will arrange a convenient time for this directly with your tutor.

The rest of the work (watching videos, reading articles, reflecting on your own teaching and completing assignments) can be done on a day and time which suits you. We will help you set some deadlines and you would simply need to make sure that you work through the content and complete your assignments on time.

This makes our teacher development courses ideal for busy teachers anywhere in the world.

During your teacher development course you will read articles, watch videos, reflect on your own teaching and complete tasks. You will then discuss the content with your tutor in our online learning platform and during your one-to-one live tutorials. For each module there is an assignment for which you will receive written and verbal feedback specific to your context and development.

In order to complete your teacher development course successfully, you will need to participate fully, meet deadlines and submit tasks to a satisfactory standard. Your tutor will measure your progress and provide feedback on your tasks. At the end of the course we will provide you with an Oxford TEFL digital certificate which states that you have completed and passed the course.

Taking a teacher development course will not only help you develop and fine tune your skills, it will also prove to potential employers that you are serious about your profession and willing to invest in your future.

When deciding which course to take, you should consider the area(s) you would like to develop, your goals for the future and demand in your area or in the industry.

It is not unusual to take more than one teacher development course if you are keen to advance your career and enhance your CV. This will also widen the employment opportunities within the ELT industry.

Courses start every Friday

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