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Specialised workshops

Gain additional skills by studying 100% online and become a more confident teacher of Business English, Young Learners or Cambridge exam classes.

About our online specialised workshops

If you are already a qualified teacher, you may want to consider fine-tuning your skills by taking one (or more) of our Teaching Business EnglishTeaching Young Learners or Teaching Cambridge Exam Classes workshops. These 4-hour workshops are provided 100% online and our tutors will guide you through the workshops in a dynamic and collaborative way. At the end of the workshop, you will receive an Oxford TEFL certificate to prove to employers that you are serious about providing productive and enjoyable classes to your students.

It’s easy to enrol in these workshops, and you don’t need to be one of our graduates to participate. Simply complete the short application form linked in the sign up button and make payment to secure your place.

Teaching Young Learners

The topics covered in this workshop are taught through games and creativity, giving you lots of ideas for activities to use with kids!

  • Essential tips for teaching very young learners / creating optimal conditions for learning
  • Game ideas: fun games to keep your students engaged and motivated
  • Managing behaviour – techniques to use before class, in class and after class
  • Lesson planning – using storybooks, songs, etc.
  • How to create an effective classroom routine
  • Teaching teens: project-based work / using coursebooks in a fun and exciting way
  • Useful websites for YL teachers

Meet your Tutor - Alana Sirett

Alana has been living and teaching in Barcelona for since 2011. She teaches all ages, but her passion lies in teaching young learners and teens. She has delivered several teacher development workshops for Oxford TEFL and is the specialist tutor for the Teaching Young Learners workshop.

As a participant of our Teaching Young Learners workshop, Alana will teach you the foundations of teaching children effectively and guide you through interactive and practical activities that you can take straight into your classroom.


July 29th 2023
(Spain time)

October 28th 2023
(Spain time)

Teaching Business English

This workshop has been designed to inspire teachers with new ideas and materials whilst offering inexperienced teachers strong foundations and practical activities to take into their classes.

  • Ice-breaker activities for in-company classes
  • Needs analysis
  • The business English teaching environment
  • Materials for business English teaching (printed and online)
  • Using coaching ideas and task-based learning in the BE classroom
  • Using technology in the business English context
  • Plan for peer teaching
  • Peer teaching and feedback
  • Continuous professional development as a business English teacher

Meet your Tutor - Moira Shiganga

Moira began her career in the tech industry before transitioning to teaching in 2005. She taught in the UK before joining the Oxford TEFL team in 2016.

As a specialist in Teaching Business English, Moira is the ideal tutor to pass on her years of experience to you during our monthly Business English workshop. You will learn the essential skills needed to teach Business English effectively first-hand from Moira and discover that her student-centred, immersive and informative sessions will give you the confidence to start teaching Business English straight away.


May 27th 2023
(Spain time)

August 26th 2023
(Spain time)

November 25th 2023
(Spain time)

Teaching Cambridge Exam Classes

(B1 Preliminary, B2 First and C1 Advanced)

The topics covered in this workshop have been carefully chosen to give inexperienced Cambridge Exam teachers a solid grounding in the basics. You will discover the various sections of the most popular exams and pick up lots of practical tips for preparing your students

Essential tips for preparing students for Preliminary, First and Advanced Exams. Including:

  • Exam structure – an overview of the papers and tasks candidates have to complete, with practical tips about the most effective strategies and techniques.
  • Exam content – what topics are included, and how best to approach them in class.
  • Lesson planning – how best to devise engaging lessons that give students what they need.
  • Gamification – how to practice exam material in a way that maintains and boosts student motivation.
  • For Schools Exams (Teens) – how B1 Preliminary and B2 First for Schools differ from the main exam
  • Useful online resources for Cambridge Exam teachers


Meet your Tutor - Damian Szerszen

Damian started his TEFL career seven years ago in Bogotá, Colombia and has subsequently taught in the Netherlands, the UK and Spain. Damian began his studies for the DipTESOL in 2020. Since then, he has further honed his interest and expertise, particularly in his specialist areas of Cambridge Exam Preparation, Pronunciation and Gamification. Alongside a varied teaching schedule, Damian also works as a tutor and trainer.

He is a regular contributor to Oxford TEFL Connect’s series of webinars and workshops, as well as designing and subsequently leading the Specialised Workshop in Teaching Cambridge Exam classes. This, in conjunction with his role on our CELTA Admissions team means that he has a broad knowledge of all aspects of TEFL.

As your tutor for the Specialised Workshop in Teaching Cambridge exam classes, Damian will draw on this knowledge to dramatically increase your confidence in delivering well-planned, engaging preparation classes.


June 24th 2023
(Spain time)

September 30th 2023
(Spain time)

December 9th 2023
(Spain time)


  • One workshop €60
  • Two workshops €110
  • Three workshops €150