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The things I enjoy the most are the live scheduled sessions on a variety of relevant topics

I joined Oxford TEFL Connect because I wanted to have an easy access to weekly webinars and workshops, and a selection of teaching materials and tips from experienced teachers all in one place. The things I enjoy the most are the live scheduled sessions on a variety of relevant topics – they help me get fresh ideas for tweaking my lessons and make me aware of concepts I might have not thought of. I’d definitely recommend it not only to novice teachers who are looking for extra support after getting their CELTA, but also to teachers with experience who feel the need to recharge their classes.

Methodology, tech, class management has helped me improve my teaching

Hearing from other teachers, their ideas and experience regarding methodology, tech, class management has helped me improve my teaching and also pushed me to look for ways to be more creative and unorthodox in class. Whether you feel you’re stuck or not I’d recommend you give Oxford TEFL Connect a chance as you will surely find new views and possibilities that will make your teaching more rich and will benefit you and your students.

I really appreciated the resources list

I really appreciated the resources list. It was good to hear what types of questions might be asked in interviews, and to learn that there are ways to format your CV specific to these types of jobs.

This made me feel less isolated and really helped me feel more connected

My coaching tutor, Damian is wonderful. I loved how relevant he is to my experience being based in Trinidad – he knew where I was in the world and could even use some of our lingo. This made me feel less isolated and really helped me feel more connected. Also because he is well established, clearly knowledgeable and has a wonderful life experience of living and working in TEFL in several countries made it all feel more concrete and real.

The CELTA online was truly a global experience

Oxford TEFL designed and implemented their online course model with great efficiency. Looking for positives in the midst of this pandemic isn’t always easy but I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of the Oxford TEFL online Celta course. Both the staff and my tutors made themselves available every time I needed assistance. This was all done so graciously! CELTA is designed to thoroughly train teachers but add to that the guidance of highly qualified, dynamic, empathetic, creative, intellectually gifted, kind, fun and seasoned professionals and you have the sweetest deal there is. This specific course has transformed the teacher in me. Anyone with an inherent love and desire for teaching needs to do this course. I want to personally thank Fran for

The input sessions are very engaging and informative and the tutors really care about their trainees

Everything was done online and it was done smoothly. My tutors were always motivating. I can’t thank them enough; I would’ve never been this far without their guidance. I’ve never learned as much outside this course. I feel somewhat prepared for a new chapter in teaching. Definitely value for money; I can already feel the impact. It was the best investment I’ve made in myself. I’m definitely recommending Oxfordtefl to whoever I know wanting to do a CELTA and actually learn how to be an effective teacher

This was exactly what I needed to kick-start my online teaching course

This was exactly what I needed to kick-start my online teaching course.  I have a lot of teaching experience but a sad lack of IT skills but not any more thanks in the main to my tutor Daniel Lawrence.   As well as three one-to-one tutorials with Daniel, he was always available online for any questions that arose.   He gave very lengthy and useful feedback to all the course assignments I submitted always taking the time to add on some extra and useful ideas.   I highly recommend for anyone thinking about launching a teaching career online.

I learnt so much

Despite having taught for many years, I learnt so much from the course, I met wonderful trainees and tutors, and I really did enjoy the whole experience, which was a challenge at times, but absolutely worth it. The support and help, and also the professionalism of the tutors means I’d recommend OxfordTEFL to anyone.

I had an amazing time

I have had an amazing time at Oxford TEFL and learned so much between the CELTA course, the Developing Teacher with Spanish course, and the Eco English classes I have been teaching. Thank you for all of the help and support you have provided throughout these past couple months, and the rest of the tutors and other staff as well.

Well organised with interesting teachers

Courses provided by Oxford TEFL are always so well-organised with interesting teachers that always succeed in making me feel motivated and inspired. I end up with a head full of ideas and an eagerness to put things into practice. They make me want to come back for more.

This course is amazing

This course is amazing if you’re just starting, will start, or already started teaching Cambridge Exam Classes. You receive a great amount of input and tips you can use during classes. It is incredibly useful.

My tutor was knowledgeable

My experience during this course has been very positive. The way it’s organized and its resources selected leads you through in a logical way and enables you to reflect on your teaching.

A great course

The Oxfortefl training course in EAP is a great course for those who have experience teaching general ESL, but are new to EAP. The course includes an overview of the field of EAP and recommendations of teaching resources that cover all areas of EAP. My tutor is knowledgeable in the field of EAP and offered helpful guidance as I worked through each module. I highly recommend this course for EAP teachers!

An inspiring experience

I’ve just completed a teacher development course and I am delighted! It was an inspiring experience. The online one-to-one concept was very convenient for me.  Ollie (the tutor) was very supportive and flexible.  I appreciated the weekly face-to-face sessions : we discussed about my assessments, Ollie answered very nicely and efficiently my endless questions and above all, from the very beginning, he took into account my specific work environment. This course has encouraged me to think out of the box and see teaching in a new light.

Very satisfied with the course

I have been quite happy with the course and I have enjoyed seeing and experiencing my own improvement. Overall, I am very satisfied with the course and the progress I have made in it.  Victor, USA

The teaching practice was priceless

Each of the input sessions was very useful and relevant… I got as much support as needed. They were all helpful. The teaching practice was priceless. I’ve learned so much. It’s amazing how equipped Oxford house and everything works. It is 100% great value. I’ll recommend this course to my peers and colleagues. Thank you so much! See you at Trinity DipTESOL.  

The whole process of the visa application was smooth and clear

Before coming to Cádiz and taking up a CertTESOL course, I had to get a student visa (as I’m a non-EU resident). The process of applying for a visa was well managed by Active Language school. I was contacted by the managers and instructed about the procedure. Moreover, I was provided with a letter to confirm my place on the course. The whole process of the visa application was smooth and clear. I’m grateful to the school for assisting me during the visa application process.

Very professional and knowledgeable

Actually, the course was great, taught by the very professional and knowledgeable teachers. I don’t think I’d want to change anything in it. I now know how to teach 🙂

Ready to take my first steps into leading a language team

I recently completed the Leadership in ELT course with oxfordtesol and it was excellent! The range of material used was interesting, varied and thought provoking. The skype sessions with my tutor and the forum discussions pushed me to think deeper about myself as a leader and helped to build my confidence, making me feel ready to take my first steps into leading a language team.       

Flexibility and new learning experience

One of the most exciting and interesting part of the course was video observations. During the online course and face to face sessions we could submit videos of phonology assignments and classroom teachings. It really helped me to save time and experiment with something new.

The trainer is very experienced

The trainer is very experienced and steered me to the direction that best matches my interest and forte. The course helps me to develop useful materials for future lessons.

Constant support from the tutor

The Cambridge Exam Classes Teacher development course was great, a very flexible course structure with constant support from the tutor. Excellent for new or experienced teachers, it provided me with new and insightful information and teaching techniques to bring into my exam classes.

A great experience

It’s been a great experience for me to take the online teaching CLIL course. I really like the in-depth topics covered by the Modules and I have had very practical experience of using the learned knowledge. I also feel the resources that are shared in the course are very helpful. I would definitely recommend others who are either new or have already been in the CLIL field to take this course.

Feedback was detailed and consistent

The Teaching Pronunciation course provided me with detailed content about the world of English pronunciation, the teachers are supportive and the feedback was detailed and consistent. This made me feel really involved with the syllabus and also let me be part of a professional TEFL team.

The trainer is very experienced

The trainer is very experienced and steered me to the direction that best matches my interest and forte. The course helps me to develop useful materials for future lessons.

The Oxford TEFL Accommodation Service is brilliant

The Oxford TEFL Accommodation Service is brilliant. It’s convenient, thorough and helpful and you are set up with wonderful hosts and a great room. I definitely recommend the Accommodation Service for the CELTA/TEFL because the course is intensive and it’s worth avoiding the hassle of finding your own place and the ensuing vetting process. With this Accommodation Service there is a guarantee that the place you’ll be living at is going to be good.

Both my peers and my tutors were amazing

I came in with some experience but, in those 4 weeks, I learned a lot. The facilities were amazing and with a great library and resources to help me prepare the lessons. Both my peers and my tutors were amazing. They were always ready to help and give advice. With every passing lesson, I was gradually becoming a better teacher.

A fantastic experience!

The staff is friendly and helpful, the course teachers are well prepared and approachable, and there’s always someone who can answer questions or give advices about any difficulty a trainee might encounter during the course.

The tutor is full of great ideas and advice

I really enjoyed the course and I could use what I was learning straight away in my classes. The tutor (Claire) is full of great ideas and advice and a great motivator and very empathetic to other work commitments. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting a bit more background for working with young learners.

The flat was always very clean and quiet

Everyone working at the school is kind, helpful and funny. You should definitely take advantage of their accommodation services. The hosts that they paired me with were very respectful and fun loving, and the flat was always very clean and quiet.

I would highly recommend

I really enjoyed it, the material to read and to view during the modules were very interesting and the assignment challenging! I would highly recommend your online courses

My tutor was very helpful

I would recommend OxfordTefl CLIL course. I picked up a lot of new teaching tips and my tutor Ceri was very helpful and gave excellent feedback on my assignments and during our online discussions.

The course is really interesting

My tutor Claire has been a super nice and patient one She deserves to be rated with a plus 10! The course is really interesting , I enjoyed it a lot. 

The visa service was a lot of help

The visa service was a lot of help, especially considering that I’m from middle east and it is not easy to obtain a visa when you are a middle eastern, but they helped me a lot and here I am in Barcelona

The course covers a lot of ground

I thoroughly recommend this online Teaching Business English course offered by OxfordTEFL to all aspiring and professional teachers of English as it contains a great deal of useful and practical information that is crucial for teacher development in this area.

This course was excellent

This course was excellent, exceeding my expectations. My tutor was very approachable, offering great advice and encouragement.

The tutors were supportive and motivating

The online webinars and assignments were convenient for me to work in around my busy teaching schedule.
The tutors were supportive and motivating. The face to face was an intense moment full of growth and accomplishment!

Meets the requirements for a student visa

If you’re newly qualified or have up to three years of experience, the DTS course is a solid way to improve as a teacher, learn (or relearn) Spanish, and work up to 20 hours/week to support yourself.

Really enjoyable and beneficial

I found the course really enjoyable and beneficial. The content was interesting and varied with a strong practical edge. I like the mix of study, written submissions through forum posts and assignments, and tutorials. Nicola was an excellent tutor – highly responsive and providing expert input through constructive feedback, suggestions and challenges. Thank you!

I would highly recommend this course

I would highly recommend this course, it’s a great opportunity. I have just completed the Online Starter Course and found the website easy to use during each module. I enjoyed the discussions and using the forums. It was informative with useful and interesting content. I feel I have learnt an awful lot.

built-in friend and study group

The student apartment has been lovely – we have a built-in friend and study group. The apartment has a lot of character and it’s in a lovely part of town!

An experience that has changed my life

I loved being on this course so much – it’s truly an experience that has changed my life for the better. The opportunities and encouragement for personal and professional development are completely unparalleled.

Well-planned and organised

I absolutely enjoyed the course. Not only is it well-planned and organised in an efficient and logical way, but also the tutors (and especially Anna) were highly professional and very supportive. I would recommend the course to all teachers who consider becoming a teacher trainer, it gives a really valuable insight into what this job entails. 

By far the best option

After doing an insane amount of research for a language school to take my TEFL certification, I decided Oxford TEFL was the best option. The deciding factor was the careers and visa support. As an American, I knew that there would be numerous obstacles I would face when applying for a visa. The school was very attentive during this stressful time, and made the visa application process so easy.


The Teaching Business English course covered a lot of ground in little time, and many of the concepts and techniques taught would be applicable in every sort of classroom. Both beginning and experienced instructors can expect to find something fresh to keep their teaching lively, relevant, and effective. Recommended.

Just what the doctor ordered

This course is just what the doctor ordered if you’re considering teaching English as a second language. For a course that’s only 30 hours, it’s jam-packed with a sample of everything offered in the Certificate course. It’s quite challenging, yet I knew my tutor Anna, was only an email away. I know for sure this is something I want to pursue.

I would highly recommend it

The course is very well organized, the instructor is helpful and gives wonderful feedback on how you can better your lesson plans to include a pronunciation component. Before this course I lacked the confidence to teach pronunciation and now I know how to explain it and teach it without issues. I’m seeing big improvements in my students pronunciation skills already!

I enjoy the developing teacher course at OH

I enjoy the developing teacher course at OH because the class is aimed to be practical and resourceful! I am able to apply the ideas that we learn in the sessions and I now have plentiful resources. I have even provided insight to my other coworkers about classroom management and behavioral tips!

I found the course to be extremely interesting

I found the course to be extremely interesting and it really made me think about certain aspects of my work and personality. The more open and honest you are during the course, the more you’ll get out of it. I’d certainly recommend anyone who is already in management or who is thinking of going in to management to do this course.

Very useful and time-worthy course

I really enjoyed completing the young learners course in December 2016. I used many of the resources and ideas it provided with my K3 kids classes and I really noticed a difference in the quality of my lessons.

Very interesting and absolutely helpful

It was all very interesting and absolutely helpful. Very good material that is used in this online course. Right now, I am testing some of the newly gained ideas in some of my classes.

A very stimulating experience

Taking this course was a very stimulating experience. It was really practical and efficient in exploring the particularities of teaching Business English and how it differed from General English. It taught me how to make the most of the office environment, to use the student and their knowledge as a resource and how to think on my feet to produce quick and efficient needs analysis for my studets and cater the best solutions to them. I received continuous feedback and support from my tutor and plenty of resources and suggestions regarding teaching materials and teacher development.

We have found Oxford TEFL to be highly professional.

The introductory course was well received and enabled our teachers to update their skills and knowledge. Oxford TEFL have been highly responsive to our needs; as a result of feedback, one component was significantly rewritten and timings were arranged to suit our faculty needs. They were prepared to run individual, small and large group courses.

I found it very useful

The assignments give you an opportunity to apply what you have learnt to EAP settings. Feedback on your assignments comes from an experienced practitioner who will leave you feeling confident in your ability to provide EAP students with the instruction they need.

Really enjoyed it

I found the course and teaching feedback incredibly useful and was impressed with how detailed and rigorous the course was. Really enjoyed it – will miss it!

Supportive and kind staff

I was surprised at how much thought and support goes into these courses. The tutors genuinely care about you – not only your growth as a teacher but you as a person.

I would definitely recommend the course

I would definitely recommend the course to any teachers who are embarking on teaching EAP, as it really crystalises the key concepts, gives you a lot of information and material that you could use, and has very good feedback. AND it’s a quick course, too!

Nice environment – Enriching discussions

Nice environment – Enriching discussions – A LOT of knowledge gained through reading my colleagues’ comments and discussions. The course was both enjoyable and worthwhile.

It was easy to follow, informative, and interesting.

I just finished the Oxford TEFL EAP course and was delighted by the organisation, the ease of access, the materials, and the support by Katt Robb the tutor. It was easy to follow, informative, and interesting. I would take another similar course should one arise.

I give this course a full 10!

I enjoyed this course from beginning to end. All the materials were interesting, exciting and relevant. Nothing was too easy or difficult.

A truly invaluable experience

Doing my DIP-TESOL with OxfordTEFL have been a truly invaluable experience, building my personal development. Each tutor is selected specifically to meet the personal needs of of each trainee and we have had the opportunity to work with well known professionals in the field if ELT, experts in their field and always on hand to answer and guide you through the course units.

A really useful introduction

As a TEFL practitioner with 20+ years experience , the OxfordTEFL TEAP course provided a really useful introduction to the world of EAP. The modules were well thought through, the tasks and activities were appropriate, the discussion board proved to be a lively forum for discussion and the tutorial support provided was excellent.

I found an excellent training facility in Oxford TEFL

I found an excellent training facility in Oxford TEFL. The staff were very prompt in sending information and in response to whatever questions that I sent in. My assignments were graded promptly, and I received excellent feedback and guidance along the way. I look forward to training with them in future courses, and I would recommend anyone the courses that Oxford TEFL has to offer.

Very helpful at Oxford Tefl, especially in regards to the visa support.

Regina was very helpful at Oxford Tefl, especially in regards to the visa support. The visa process is a bit challenging but Regina was always available to me with any questions I had. She was very organized as she explained the details of the visa process. She always followed up with me on any questions or concerns I might have had. She went over my documents personally to make sure I would not have any troubles with the visa process. The support that Regina provided is totally worth it.

Regina took me through the process and was able to get the NIE

I was attracted to apply for a course at Oxford Tefl in particular because of the visa support service. I had heard stories on how obtaining an NIE could be a nightmare, more so if you did not speak Spanish. Regina took me through the process and was able to get the NIE within a shortest possible time.She has further complimented my stay with a job through the school’s connection. I am a Developing Teacher and now working within legal stipulated hours for a student. For those coming to Spain to pursue their teaching career and who do not want hurdles, Oxford Tefl is their answer. And to Regina, you have no idea how much you have helped. Thank you!

Regina was available both in person and via email

The major hurdle for a non-EU citizen is a lack of clear, coherent information about the steps to get the Student Visa, and being able to do things legally in Spain. The reason why I chose to study at Oxford Tefl was their professionalism, especially the clarity with what the process would be like for a non-EU citizen.

The CLIL course was very informative

The OxfordTEFL CLIL course was very informative and useful. I took away many practical ideas and activities that I look forward to using in my classroom. I particularly liked that the tasks were “small” enough to do in 30-minute or 1-hour sessions. It made it really easy to fit into my busy schedule between other obligations.

The staff who are very flexible and tailored the course to suit our needs

I would recommend the Training The Trainer course at Oxford TEFL to anyone who wants to gain practical experience and knowledge for becoming a teacher trainer. The facilities at the centre are excellent as are the staff who are very flexible and tailored the course to suit our needs and teaching context. This ensured that we went away with the knowledge that we wanted and needed.

I would recommend it to anyone

This was a very intense course, but I learned a lot, had a lot of fun with potential colleagues and my trainers. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of a TEFL career.

I feel ready to go into a classroom

The TEFL in Spain course was a great introduction to teaching English. I feel ready to go into a classroom feeling confident that I can handle any challenge that arises. The trainers are very helpful and supportive, and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to start a teaching career, especially in Spain.

I really feel like I am able to teach now

The course was a good and very useful experience. I really feel like I am able to teach now. The course is very intense, but don’t worry, all trainees feel exactly the same. I made a lot of new friends and met a lot of awesome people here. Great experience and a good qualification to have under your belt.

I have learned so much

I found the course to be a very good platform to build on, in terms of my English teaching career. The course is intense, but I was warned beforehand that it would be. I have learned so much and now I feel confident that I can teach students from all backgrounds, with varying needs, the English language. I recommend this course for anyone that is thinking of going into teaching English as a foreign language. Thanks!

Oxford TEFL took care of everything; My visa and a job

Before, after and during my course I was in contact with the Visa and Careers advisor who helped with my CV, got me interviews and guided me through the Visa process. As a non EU citizen herself she really knew what she was doing and everything went pretty smoothly. I now have a job, a visa and the opportunity to travel around Europe. Thanks guys!

I was really encouraged and supported

The Online TEFL Starter course was simple enough for me to easily get back into a learning mode with the additional advantage of having several different support mechanisms to enable me to read/learn/experience a more in-depth analysis of the programme. I was really encouraged and supported by a knowledgeable tutor who clearly has years of experience in teaching English.

Oxford Tefl’s online Business English course is perfect…

Oxford Tefl’s online Business English course is perfect as an introduction and/or refresh for teachers in this particular field. Having qualified with a celta over five years ago, it was really stimulating to reflect on and revisit best practice.

I would recommend the Diploma course at Oxford house to any teacher

Exceeded my expectations. The course will help with my development in the classroom. I feel my lesson planning and teaching will improve because of the whole diploma course. I would recommend the Diploma course at Oxford house to any teacher who wishes to improve their teaching.

It was near perfect.

My online starter course was just what I required to point me in the right direction to start teaching English as a foreign language. The content, the structure and the dedicated tutor (Anna Stubbs) guided me through each module very clearly. Add the flexibility to complete the course and it was near perfect.

Just what I was hoping for

The course has done wonders for my self confidence and has given me some valuable tools that I will be able to implement immediately at work. Just what I was hoping for!

I’ve felt more professionally confident

I completed the diploma in 2014 with Oxford TEFL and the thing that impressed me the most was that the tutors for each module were actively participating professionals in the ESOL community. Most of them frequently publish on their specialized area as well as presenting at conferences and this meant that they were able to give excellent insight into the processes of teaching and learning. Since finishing the course I’ve felt more professionally confident to engage more with the wider ESOL community by doing things like conferences and writing myself, and it’s thanks to my experience at Oxford TEFL that I have that confidence.

I enjoyed the course thoroughly!

This course is ideal for all teachers of Young Learners who need theory and ‘how to’ knowledge. For an online course there is still a personal element, with the teacher making great efforts to ensure that the student is included and not just a distant ‘unit’ behind a computer screen. I enjoyed the (all too brief) course thoroughly!

A very useful course

A very useful course, varied tasks, and a supportive tutor. This experience boosted my confidence and creativity, and helped me organize my thoughts, techniques and resources. Moreover, it provided a great deal of useful ideas to use with children, which I now look forward to putting into practice.

I would recommend this course

I would recommend this course for anyone who is looking to start teaching, or who has been teaching and is looking to solidify their teaching skills.

I found the course very inspiring

I found the course very inspiring and it has really motivated me to concentrate more on an area of teaching that I have neglected. The content was very interesting and developed nicely at the right pace. It has really freshened up my approach to teaching!

The teaching practice was well balanced throughout the course.

The teaching practice was well balanced throughout the course. Excellent pre-teaching practice and feedback sessions with detailed observations from our tutors. Excellent Careers Service with help, guidance and advice always available during and after the course.

Oxford House in Barcelona is clearly in a league of their own

Everything about the program, the staff, and the location shouts professionalism.  With the smooth operation of the school given the amount of students, the constant flow of incoming teacher trainees, and the variety of courses offered, there really is little room for critique.  Anything that could or would be said stems from individualized preferences or minor concerns that are more than likely improving with every incoming class.  The entire staff is friendly as well as helpful and the teachers are exceptional at what they do.  Cat was able to break down a complex language, provide a model for us to follow easily, and create a learning environment that each one of us found extremely enjoyable.  Billie is exceptionally thorough and helpful.  She provided in depth

It was a delight

I read somewhere that a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning; but I understood the true meaning of this quote when I happened to do my TEFL. It was a delight. I had some teaching experience before but I felt I was a controller not a teacher. I understood the true quality of being a teacher during my TEFL course where I was groomed by Helen and David, the observers, teachers and torchbearers, they transformed me into a teacher. Moreover, I was lucky to have my teachers guiding me every now and then as well as correcting me wherever necessary. Today I am a successful teacher and for this the whole credit goes to the Trinity Cert.

The course for Teaching Exam Classes was a life saver.

I can take almost any book and teach its subject matter, but in this cased the stakes were high for the students who came to class, and in some cases, expecting a magical wand to pass the exam. This course helped me to create boundaries to the ever expansive information out there and focus on key aspects and strategies.  I have taken two courses with Oxford TEFL and both have been well worth the investment! Many kudos and thanks to my tutor, Violeta.  My current job places great pressure and hours on me and at first I didn’t think I could do this.  Violeta was wonderful and helped me to first relax, and next with her support and encouragement I was progressing through. I highly recommend

James McGrath, Director of Studies, British Council

As a designated young learners centre it is crucial that our teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills appropriate for teaching young people. Qualifications such as the Oxford Tefl Diploma play a key role in expanding their expertise and its clear  focus on young learners helps it to stand out as an important  part of the process in teacher development. (James McGrath, Director of Studies, British Council, Barcelona, 2014)

Gaia Lambert

The online Trinity Diploma gave me the flexibility I needed to work and study. I was able to focus on YL’s which made the course particularly appealing to me.

Egor Buz

I’m so glad I signed up for the Developing Teacher’s Course at Oxford TEFL

I had the most amazing experience with my host family.

Seriously, I was very concerned before I arrived in London. After all, I came by myself and I did not know what it would be like. But my host mother is amazing. Margaret is an amazing host mother. I wish every student could be as lucky as I was. If I ever come back to London for another course, I will certainly ask to stay at her home again. She does not only welcome students because she has to. She does it with kindness, politeness and passion. Thanks for choosing her for me.

I wouldn’t change a thing

The course was wonderful and has been a great help to me, even though I still struggle to find enough hours in the week!Thank you for everything but especially the tutorials which were terrific therapy and incredibly productive.  You are a very skilled listener and in this respect you’ve greatly inspired me to improve, and this has had a real positive effect both in my professional and personal life. For me the course was absolutely spot on both in terms of content and delivery, so I wouldn’t change a thing.

I took the Young Learner’s extension course (and completely loved it)

The Young Learner’s extension course was really helpful because it had us actually play a lot of the games that our future students would enjoy playing! Emily had a lot of really great ideas and techniques to share and the whole day was really fun and informative. I’m so glad I signed up for the Young Learner’s extension course because even though I have experience teaching children, there were so many new games and ideas that I had never even thought of. I feel ready to teach a group of young learners!

The Dip course helped me improve as a teacher

I found the Dip TESOL at Oxford TEFL to be incredibly well structured and organised. The online course was perfect for me as there weren’t any option near me, and the month in Barcelona was a great consolidation of what we’d been learning. The Dip has been extremely useful in helping me improve as a teacher and also get into teacher training. It gave me a solid grounding in the methods and approaches behind what we do and helped me reflect on the areas I wanted to further develop in. It was a fantastic springboard for me at a point when I felt that something was missing from my career and development. Looking back on the 6 years since I’ve done it I can truly say

Was it worth all the effort? Absolutely.

So, we’re well into our semester and it’s made me reflect on all the wonderful training I received last year.  Under your tutelage my teaching skills haven’t just gone up a notch – the whole bar has been raised a meter or so!  I have better certainty about and confidence in my teaching.  I walk into a classroom and I know that no matter what the day throws my way, I am equipped to handle it! I approach my lesson planning ‘from the heart’ and smile to myself when I see what a time students have talking, working, participating.  Wonderful. Was it worth all the effort? Absolutely.

Better than I could imagine

Because Mrs Richards is a very nice person and her house is very comfortable. Certainly it’s better than I could imagine. [homestay accommodation]

An amazing host mother

I had the most amazing experience with my host family. Seriously, I was very concerned before I arrived in London. After all, I came by myself and I did not know what it would be like. But my host mother is amazing. Margaret is an amazing host mother. I wish every student could be as lucky as I was. If I ever come back to London for another course, I will certainly ask to stay at her home again. She does not only welcome students because she has to. She does it with kindness, politeness and passion. Thanks for choosing her for me. [homestay accommodation]

Definitely a worthwhile investment

The Training the Trainer Course is more than just a course. It will give you the opportunity to feel what being a teacher trainer is like by effectively doing the job. Giving a model lesson, leading an input session, assisting trainees in lesson planning and giving them feedback will allow you to test your knowledge and skills and evaluate these critically. Shadowing experienced tutors in teaching practice and input sessions is an invaluable way to learn how to approach teacher trainer courses and it fosters professional development. For anyone who wants to work on training courses, the Training the Trainer course is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Impressed by my teacher Anna

At first I was a bit hesitant to follow an online course as for me personal contact works well. However I was impressed by the quality of the constructive feedback, support and coaching I received from my teacher Anna. In addition to the above she also offered me suggestions regarding my observations. One example that comes to mind is when we talked about particular problems for native speakers of Spanish learning English with regard to pronunciation. She offered me to read the book ‘ Learner English’ which I am still using today. I can recommend this course to anyone as it provides practical and specific answers to questions related to teaching and offers a good mix of theory and practice. How to make a lesson

All lessons learnt are in bloom

While doing the course I felt I was under a deep process of deconstruction as a professional and a person which felt really positive. However, it’s been this academic course, scarcely a year after going through the Diploma, when I can feel even with more intensity that all lessons learnt are in bloom. I highly recommend it to any teacher who enjoys challenges and would like to enhance teaching practice and even get involved in other areas such as teacher training. I LOVED IT!

So much more than I expected

I loved the course!! I expected it to just be another one of those rip-off courses, where you get bored out of your mind and they give you a certificate for it. I learnt a lot! The course included so much more than I expected.

Made an enormous difference to their lives

The course was great. Living in the apartment building with other trainees was great. No distractions, very easy to focus and get work done. The Indian students we taught were terrific. I felt like our teaching practice with them made an enormous difference to their lives.

Duncan was a gentleman

This course certainly was an update and most importantly an upgrade. Duncan was a gentleman and a leader as a teacher! I would not change anything about the mode of delivery.

Enjoyed the course immensely

I enjoyed the course immensely and, not knowing what to expect, I found the workload just enough. I was very grateful for the support and flexibility from the tutor. I found the telephone lessons very useful and they were great in clarifying any points which I may not have understood. It isn’t always easy to study from home but I found the modules clear and easy to understand. The text book was invaluable and gave me a deeper insight into the English language, something I always took for granted. Doing the course has encouraged me to take it further and I look forward to one day doing the 4 week Trinity Cert TESOL course.

A great introduction to the world of TEFL

The Oxford TEFL Online Starter Course is a great introduction to the world of teaching English as a foreign language. I knew that I wanted to enroll in the 4-week certification course, but I thought I should take the starter course first to make sure that it was the right decision for me. I really enjoyed the online course and it has definitely gotten me excited about the wonderful challenge ahead of me. The content of the course was very interesting and I found that I looked forward to starting and completing each module.My tutor was amazing and provided great feedback. She was very encouraging and I felt extremely motivated to do well. I have now applied for the 4-week certification course in Barcelona. If

It can clarify your ideas,

The starter course is ideal to have a taste of what is the face to face EFL course. If you are not sure about taking the face to face course it can clarify your ideas, it is convenient because you are at home working at your own pace and it is affordable. After completing this course I’m almost sure I’ll take the other one.

Infinitely grateful to my tutor

I found the modules and the amount of work genuinely useful, thought-provoking and practical as well as fair in quantity. I want to mention my tutor, to whom I am infinitely grateful, whose encouragement and useful advice will become an invaluable tool from now on wherever I take my teaching.

Amazing teachers and great support

These will be the best four weeks of your life. Anna and Helen made it so much fun and so interesting that we didn’t even realise when the last day came. Amazing teachers and great support.

Impressed potential employers

I have met other teachers who have struggled to find work, as they hold a less credible qualification, but the Trinity Cert TESOL from Oxford TEFL has always impressed potential employers.

A fascinating and eye-opening experience

I highly recommend the course… It has also encouraged me to engage more with the wider ELT world… Meeting other professionals from all over the world was a great experience… This was a fascinating and eye-opening experience… definitely worth the time and effort!

I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Oxford TEFL

The [Trinity Certificate in TESOL] course at Oxford TEFL is interesting, teachers are supportive, materials for learning are available and the computer room is well equipped,  I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Oxford TEFL.

Had a lot of fun

Had a lot of fun pretending to be a kid and learning how different it is to teach them.

Great, motivational

The Oxford TEFL Online Starter course is great, motivational and also a stepping stone to the great world of teaching English as a foreign Language… it has indeed widened the scope of my understanding towards learning and teaching English.

Exceeded my expectations in every way

The Oxford TEFL course really exceeded my expectations in every way. Although it was intense and stressful at times, the tutors were always supportive and the atmosphere was always great.

Trinity Certificate in TESOL very rewarding course

The Kerala location was perfect for focusing on the Trinity Certificate in TESOL and absorbing all the knowledge the instructors provided. The accommodation was great value for money and was the reason I chose Kerala over other locations. The setting was rather rural, but this allowed me to concentrate on daily lectures and teaching practice. The local children we taught as part of our teaching practice were the highlight of my time here. These students were so eager to absorb everything we had to teach them. They loved being given the opportunity to practice their English both inside and outside the classroom. I would highly recommend this location if you want to focus on the task at hand. It is a very rewarding course which,

An excellent introduction to teaching young learners

I found this course an excellent introduction for teaching YL as I this is something I just started doing on a once-a-week base. The course offered tons of material resources and the tasks challenged me to do dilligent research on what’s available on the internet and how I can use it. The course tutor, provided immediate feedback to all postings and challenged us to think some of our responses over and try again. Invaluable was the skype conference call as it allowed us to discuss the course and and issues we currently experience during our teachings. I would certainly recommend the course and the course tutor.

I now feel much more confident

This course has been really useful to me. I wasn’t sure about where to start with teaching young learners a foreign language. I had ideas, but needed guidance, and I now feel much more confident … I would recommend it to anyone.

Bernice Patten careers

Thank you for sending out my CV for the past two weeks. I received a good amount of calls and emails. Finally, I decided on a school and it has been going well. Right now I no longer need my CV sent out. Thanks for your help!

Improve your teaching methods

I really found this course very interesting for teachers teaching Young Learners as they provide very good ideas and gives you tips on how to improve your teaching methods.

Learned a lot of things

I really enjoyed doing this course. I feel that I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before and it is been great to share my ideas with other colleagues. I would highly recommend it.

YL online

It is a really interesting and practical course because it provide us with new ideas and knowledges of teaching Young Learners.

Alex Wallis – Leadership

The course on Leadership in ELT has been extremely useful for me, and much more enlightening and practical than I had imagined. The structure of the course and the tasks involved have had an impact on the way that I have worked and also given me the opportunity to implement the ideas in my current working situation. I have considered carefully the way that I work and how those around me work and how best to incorporate these so as to create interdependence and smoother-running working relationships. I also feel that I have clarified a lot of ideas and have come out of a “fog” in which I was unable to decipher or prioritise my roles and tasks. I am now capable of seeing what

Claire Venables

Taking the Leadership Course has been a major step in my professional career. The techniques and skills I learned brought about real changes in the way I lead my team and manage my time. This in turn has lead to greater productivity, job satisfaction, a promotion and a pay rise! Slowly but surely, I have continued to develop professionally and become more comfortable in my new role and confident about the decisions I make. I have recommended this course not only to my colleagues in management, but also to the administrative staff and teachers.

Adrian Aguirre – Leadership course

As someone who has taken on leadership roles, I highly recommend this course to anybody involved in English Language Teaching looking to discover the leader within. The personalized virtual tutorials set this course apart from other online offerings and maximizes your learning experience.

The Trinity Cert TESOL has been one of the most worthwhile experiences in my life.

Taking the Oxford TEFL course has been one of the most worthwhile experiences in my life. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and because of the course, I feel fully prepared to enter the world of TEFL. It is definitely an intense course, but you will learn a lot about yourself in the process. I would definitely recommend it to anyone I meet who is interested in learning how to teach EFL.

A lot of support and very personalised help

A highly personalised course tailored exactly to your needs that brought me to understanding how to move further and encouraged me to focus on some new exiting areas of my career.


My experience at Oxford TEFL was awesome.

Useful for any educator

Oxford TEFL is very flexible with the dates and accommodates the student. The course provided a lot of useful information. They adapted it so that it is useful for any educator, even those not currently teaching young learners. They provided a lot of materials, practice opportunities, feedback and open communication for all participants.

Inundated with job offers

After passing the course, Kate sent my CV out to over 100 schools. The next day I was inundated with job offers.

Very grateful to the career advisor

Before even having finished my course, I was being interviewed by different schools. I started working for a school a week later and stayed there for nearly four years. In February of last year I left Barcelona to go travelling and when I got back in October, Oxford House once again found me a position. I am loving teaching there and am very grateful to the career adviser!

My life-line to finding a job

The Careers Service at Oxford TEFL was my life-line to finding a job here in Prague! I met with Sinéad shortly before finishing the course and she looked over my CV and made a few suggestions on how I could improve it to make myself more marketable, she then plastered it all over Prague! I had a job within a week of graduating from the course and I still have companies calling me.

Invaluable careers support

The careers support provided at Oxford TEFL was invaluable and helped create a launching pad for a great career in Prague.

No need to be scared

I have just finished the course and I found it extremely useful. Teaching children can be daunting and this course was great for reinforcing my ideas and tactics for the young learner classroom. Every aspect of YL teaching is covered, and the input and feedback from Kirsten is very encouraging and useful. There is no need to be scared of teaching kids!!

Very helpful and useful

I found everything I learnt on the Training the Trainer course very helpful and useful. I would single out the tutors’ effectiveness in getting the ideas across to enable maximum practical work.  They were also highly professional and approachable, allowing enough space for a personal style to be developed.

Not alone

It’s great to know that I am not alone [searching for work]. The careers support service is very reassuring.

I love Oxford TEFL

I would be completely lost in the classroom if it were not for Oxford TEFL. I had a wonderful experience there last July. I can guarantee that people will not be disappointed with Oxford TEFL if they are serious about making a career in TEFL. The course was challenging, but rightfully so! It is training people to become teachers in just one month. I am currently teaching at The Queen’s, a small private school in Japan. All in all, I love Oxford TEFL.

Beyond the call of duty

The five weeks I spent studying TESOL at Active Language in Cadiz were some of the fondest of my life. The course was intensive but very enjoyable, and the tutors went above and beyond the call of duty to help their students get the most out of it. Despite the heavy work-load, there was always time to party with fellow students, most of whom I have remained in close contact with. I am currently preparing to begin my TEFL career in South Korea at the end of this month and I can’t wait!

Combining study with busy work schedule

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Oxford TEFL program. It is comprehensive, the reading and assignments are very useful and you will have a chance to discuss issues with some of the leading lights in the ESL field.

It was worth every penny

“The confidence I had gained from doing the Diploma resulted not only in some very contented students but lots of invitations to visit Japan! Increased confidence, job prospects and industry respect…..it was worth every penny and every minute.”

One of the best decisions I have made

“Completing the Diploma has been one of the best decisions I have made in terms of professional growth and self-actualisation. The dedicated tutors gave me constructive criticism, targeted at improving my competency in a step-by-step way, raised my awareness and understanding, resulting in a much improved teaching and teacher training style. I also secured a role as Director of Studies in Paris after successfully completing the Diploma.”

Careerwise, it gave me a lot more confidence

“It was hard work, but very rewarding especially the close friendships you make with others on your course. The tutors really are incredibly supportive at every step along the way. Careerwise, it gave me a lot more confidence, especially when it came to doing teacher training, materials development and mentoring work…”

The Diploma helped me work in a university

“The Diploma certainly opened doors for me, leading directly to a position as a teacher trainer on the CertTESOL course, and ultimately to teaching jobs in two prestigious universities.”