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Cambridge CELTA

Study your CELTA course online or face to face and gain an internationally recognised qualification.

Summary of the Cambridge CELTA course

  • Course for native and non-native English-speakers
  • Training for teaching adults and young learners
  • Minimum 6 hours observed teaching practice with adult students
  • Dynamic workshops and input sessions
  • Lifelong careers support — before, during and after the course
  • Visa support to help you start living and working in Barcelona
  • A prestigious, internationally recognised qualification
  • A positive, dynamic and supportive learning environment
  • World-class, experienced tutors
  • Small groups and friendly atmosphere



10 ways the Cambridge CELTA course is great for your career

Limited places available

What exactly is the Cambridge CELTA?

The Cambridge CELTA (along with the Trinity CertTESOL) are the only two TEFL qualifications that are listed by the British Council as an acceptable introductory teaching qualification that meets their standards and requirements.

This means that institutions associated with the British Council prefer to employ those with the Cambridge CELTA or the Trinity CertTESOL. This leads to greater job opportunities around the world.

Our CELTA course is for people who want an internationally recognised qualification and an up-to-date and practical course of teacher training. The course runs all year round and prices start from just €1625. Choose from face-to-face in Barcelona, or 100% online.

100% Online modality

100% online | 4-week full-time CELTA course

Online, 120 hours

Study online over 4 weeks and receive all the training you need from our expert tutors online via the Cambridge online learning platform.

100% online | 14-week part-time CELTA course

Online, 120 hours

Study online over 14 weeks and receive all the training you need from our expert tutors online via the Cambridge online learning platform.

Face-to-face modality in Barcelona

Face-to-face | 4-week full-time CELTA course

Barcelona, 120 hours

Study in-person over 4 weeks and receive all the training you need from our expert tutors at our modern school in Barcelona.

The School in Barcelona

  •  A large language school as well as the teacher-training centre
  •  Fully equipped classrooms with projectors
  •  A library, kitchen, large garden, computers, free Wi-Fi
  • Central location at Carrer Diputació 279, just a block away from Passeig de Gracia

What can I expect?

You will learn a variety of teaching methodologies to use with your students during the course and after you graduate. We provide workshops, tutorials and video content as well as reading materials to help you understand and use these techniques.

The practical nature of the course is emphasised from the very beginning. You will be in small groups (4 or 5 trainees with one tutor) and you will begin teaching real adult students in the first or second week. After each class you teach, there will be a feedback session with your tutor and fellow trainees followed by lesson planning help for your next lessons. For our trainees, this is usually the most fun part of the course! If you are considering taking the CELTA course online, read our article about what the teaching practice is like on the 100% Online CELTA course.

We believe in learning through involvement and in your grammar and language awareness sessions you will mostly experience a workshop approach, where your tutor acts as a “facilitator/animator” rather than as a lecturer.

You will also observe some of our tutors so you can see first-hand how experienced teachers plan and deliver classes, providing further insights into lesson planning, staging and management.

All of our classrooms are equipped with modern technology and we encourage the use of YouTube, interactive online teaching platforms (Kahoot, Quizlet etc) and social media alongside the use of books and other more traditional activities. The school has a wide variety of resources available to you to use to help create engaging classes for your students.

Our careers advisor will provide a session on finding work after your course and you will be given expert advice on preparing your CV which highlights your background, education, experience and skills. You will be able to meet our careers advisor as many times as you like during and after the course. See our careers service page for more information.

The CELTA certificate is awarded to candidates who satisfy all assessment criteria and complete all course requirements. These include:

  • Completion of all teaching practice and observations of experienced teachers
  • Completion of all four assignments (three or more assessed as ‘Pass’)
  • The grades of the certificate are Pass, Pass B (above standard teaching) or Pass A (exceptional language awareness, teaching and professionalism).
  • Candidates who successfully complete the course receive a CELTA certificate from Cambridge Assessment English.


Here is an example CELTA certificate. The certificates do not mention the modality of the course.

celta certificate - example celta certificate - example

Courses start every month

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be assessed throughout the course and there is no final examination. The CELTA course also takes into consideration various aspects of professionalism and professional development.

These include:

  • Responsible and professional attitude to learning
  • Responsible and professional attitude to planning and teaching of your lessons
  • Punctuality and organisation
  • Willingness to respond to feedback and adjust your own teaching appropriately
  • Overall progress and professionalism in the field

The two types of assessment are:

1. Teaching practice

You will teach for a total of 6 hours, working with adult classes at a minimum of two levels of ability. Assessment is based on your overall performance.

2. Written assignments

You will complete four written assignments (each 750–1,000 words). These focus on:

  • analysing and responding to adult learner needs
  • analysing language for teaching purposes
  • teaching language skills
  • reflecting on classroom teaching

To get the CELTA certificate, you must meet the criteria for both the teaching practice and written assignments. You can pass with three different grades: Pass ‘A’, Pass ‘B’ and Pass.

It is not necessary to have a university degree, to be a native speaker of English, to speak a foreign language, or to have any previous teaching experience. To be considered for a CELTA course, you will need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be educated to the standard required for entry into higher education (e.g., “A-levels” in the UK, a high school diploma in the US/Canada). 
  • Be in good enough health to deal with the demands of an intensive training course.
  • Demonstrate your ability to cope with the academic demands of the course (assessed via the application process).
  • Have a C1.2 (high C1) or C2 level of English.

While we do not require any certificates, we have included a table below showing what score would be required to achieve a C1.2 level of English on different exams:

Cambridge C1 Advanced

Cambridge C2 Proficiency

Cambridge IELTS


Grade A or B and no less than 180 in any paper

Grade A, B or C and no less than 180 in any paper

Overall band score 7.5 and no less than 7.0 in any skill

Overall score 105 and no less than 25 in any skill

Your English level will be assessed throughout the application process.

First, complete the application form for your preferred course:


We will check your application and get in touch within one working day to send you a pre-interview task (grammar and language awareness).

Once you have completed the pre-interview task, you will be able to select the day and time of your online interview.

During the online interview, we will ask you about the pre-interview task, your background and reasons for wanting to take the course. We will make sure that the course is a good fit for you and vice versa. 

If accepted, you will receive a full place offer and information about how to secure your place on the course via email.

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