What is Oxford TEFL Connect?

Who is Oxford TEFL Connect for?

As a teacher, you may sometimes feel you need a support network or a place to visit where you can discuss your challenges with like-minded people and receive guidance from experienced professionals. Oxford TEFL Connect is your go-to place where you can receive support from experienced teachers, attend dynamic online events and network with teachers worldwide.

Oxford TEFL Connect is suitable for all recently-qualified TEFL teachers or teachers who are looking for a way to refresh their skills and meet other teachers around the world. Teachers from all countries, nationalities, ages and backgrounds are welcome in our Oxford TEFL Connect community, including teachers who haven’t previously done an Oxford TEFL course.

If you are a teacher who has just finished a CELTA course (or similar) and you are looking for a continuation of the kind of support the CELTA course provides, Oxford TEFL Connect is for you.

What can you do as a member of Oxford TEFL Connect?

As a member of Oxford TEFL Connect, you will gain access to our system. This is where you will be able to connect with other teachers, receive links to join events, participate in the forum, find resources and request a coaching session from a tutor. We’ve got it covered:

  • Need guidance planning one of your lessons or finding work? Request a coaching session from an Oxford TEFL tutor.
  • Interested in developing your skills in a specific area? Attend one of our online workshops or webinars.
  • Feeling isolated or need to vent? Join one of our monthly social events.
There is no long-term commitment (unless you want to), no high sign-up fee and no obligation to attend if you are not available. 


What can I receive per month as a member of Oxford TEFL Connect?

  • 2 x 1-hour dynamic workshops
  • 1 x 1-hour webinar
  • 1 x 30 minute coaching session
  • 1 x online social event
  • Access to all past webinars
  • Access to workshops for up to 7 days 
  • Access to our bank of resources and articles
  • Access to our community of teachers

How can I become a member of Oxford TEFL Connect?

Ready to join our vibrant teaching community, Oxford TEFL Connect? There is no need to apply, simply click the button below and join our community.

Who will the tutors be?

Oxford TEFL Connect Coordinator – Kate Williams

Kate is a teacher and teacher trainer at our school in central Barcelona, Oxford House. She teaches group and private classes to adults at the school. Originally from Lancashire in the UK, she has taught English in Honduras, Bolivia, Galicia and London. As Oxford TEFL Connect coordinator, Kate organises all the online events, ensures the platform runs smoothly and is your go-to person when you have any questions or need to request support from one of our tutors.

Oxford TEFL Connect Tutors

As a member of Oxford TEFL Connect, you will receive training and support from many different teachers and tutors from our team. This could include teachers who work in our language school in Barcelona or tutors who work on our CELTA courses, for example. One of the great things about this online community is that you will come into contact with so many professionals working in ELT from all over the world, and we are all ready to support you through your journey as a teacher.

How will the workshops and webinars work?

Oxford TEFL Connect workshops and webinars are led by teachers and trainers from Oxford TEFL on practical ideas for teaching in different contexts. Our webinars have an informative and instructional format and our workshops are collaborative and dynamic.

These events could include (but are not limited to) Young Learners, Business English, teaching exam classes, using technology effectively online and classroom management. They are held on Zoom between 14.00 and 18.00 (Spain time) to allow teachers in different parts of the world to connect, or feel free to watch the recording. Pick up some tips and tricks to incorporate into your lessons.

How will the coaching sessions work?

Coaching sessions will be provided via Zoom/ Skype, email or a combination. Our coaching sessions are there to guide you each month and provide specific support wherever you feel it’s needed. This could be support planning a challenging lesson, advice on finding work, guidance on moving your online classes face to face (or vice versa), or finding your next steps in ELT, for example. 

To request support, simply submit the coaching request form via our platform and we will put you in touch with a tutor. Take advantage of the experience of our Oxford TEFL tutors and help ensure you become a confident and in-demand teacher of English!

How will I be able to socialise?

Our monthly quizzes and networking events offer important opportunities to meet other professionals in ELT. We think this will become increasingly important for teachers, especially as many of us are finding ourselves teaching from home which can be a very isolating experience.

In addition to being able to meet socially, networking can be an important source of opportunities in teaching English, both for finding work and developing your skills. Fellow teachers will point out opportunities and freelance teachers may even offer each other teaching work they can’t do. Attend a quiz, have a coffee & chat, vent about a class and network with teachers worldwide!

How will I be able to use the bank of resources?

Oxford TEFL has been training teachers since 1998 and our teachers, trainers and graduates have a wealth of experience to share. We have carefully curated materials including blog posts and articles, templates, tools and youtube videos. Creators of this content are not only well-known experts, but also teachers who are passionate about the ELT profession and have provided valuable content and practical ideas for the language classroom.

This bank of resources will help you develop a broader understanding of language learning and methodology, as you start to apply ideas to your own classes. You will also be able to access our resources for finding work and keep up-to-date with teacher development opportunities in the profession with our handy calendar of face to face and online events around the world.

What are the fees?

Our goal is to provide a supportive and friendly go-to place for teachers which is accessible to as many teachers as possible. We offer two options:

3 Month membership
12 Month membership

Save 50% (Includes Oxford TEFL certificate)



Still not sure?

This is what some recent Oxford TEFL Connect subscribers said:

What's coming up in February 2021?

Monday 8th February 16:00-17:00 (Spain time)
Daniel Karcz
In this webinar, Daniel will present four methods of teaching grammar to students at all levels. These methods will help you plan engaging and student-centered grammar activities in a fraction of time it usually takes.

Friday 12th February 15:00-16:00 (Spain time)
Sinem Daridere
This session will enable you to use coursebook tasks and activities in a more meaningful, creative and personalized manner to capture learners’ curiosity. It will also enrich your repertoire by helping you choose and use authentic materials to add sparkle and shine to your materials design!

Wednesday 17th February 17:00-18:00 (Spain time)
Marcela Cintra
Teachers’ wellbeing and motivation seems to be key in positively impacting learning in the classroom. In this workshop participants will look at practical ideas of how to affect the learning environment and contribute to students’ growth.

Friday 26th February 18:45-19:45 (Spain time)
Kate Williams and Alana Sirett
Drop into the clinic and get help from Kate (Oxford TEFL Connect coordinator and teacher with 20 years experience teaching adults) and Alana (Oxford House teacher who specialises in teaching young learners and teens) in this informal session.

What's coming up in March 2021?

Monday 8th March, 15:00-16:00 (Spain time)
Tutor: Higor Cavalcante

Why do you teach pronunciation? You probably answered ‘to improve students’ speaking skills’, right? However, in this webinar, I will make a case for teaching pronunciation to improve learners’ listening skills, and will then give you some practical ideas on how to prepare pronunciation lessons aimed at making students more effective listeners.

Monday 15th March 19:00 – 20:00 (Spain time)
utor: Nick Harvard

There are a lot of resources for teachers online – some better than others. Where do you start? In this session we’ll look at some of the best free sites on the internet and explore how to get the best out of them for teaching online. This webinar will also have a practical aspect. I’ll demonstrate how to easily adapt these resources into online classes, with an emphasis on efficient lesson planning for maximum student engagement and output.

Wednesday 24th March, 15:00-16:00 (Spain time)
Tutor: Itchy Parkin

It can be easy to gloss over the basics of English when you’re teaching conditionals and inversions in your classes. In this quiz you’ll brush up on the names for parts of speech so you’re never again caught out by that overeager student. Suss out your conjunctions from your pronouns whilst catching up with other teachers from around the world.

Monday 29th March 15:30-16:30 (Spain time)
Tutor: Luke Worsnop

The world of online teaching can be confusing to navigate. From creating the perfect CV and presentation video to deciding which company is right for you, getting started often feels like a real challenge. In this session, we’ll explore the options available and look at how you can find a niche for yourself by making the most of your skills and experience.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend the webinars or workshops live, you’ll be able to access them on our platform at a time that’s convenient for you. Webinar recordings will be permanently available on our platform.

How can I become a member of Oxford TEFL Connect?

Ready to join our vibrant teaching community, Oxford TEFL Connect? There is no need to apply, simply click the button below and join our community.