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My Trinity Dip. TESOL Experience by Sunette Labuschagne

A friend told me about the Trinity Dip. TESOL at the beginning of the year and recommended Oxford TEFL because, according to her, Oxford TEFL provided wonderful support during the 6 month online phase, something that other courses and MAs apparently often lack. I do not have experience with others schools but I can vouch for Oxford TEFL after my current experience. I found the school in Barcelona (where I took the 3 week face to face phase) really well equipped and easy to work in. Computers, classroom technology available as well as the books and resources in the teachers’ room. The staff working there – cleaning ladies, receptionists, office staff and teachers  – made me feel welcome and their kindness and helpfulness was an inspiration, making a very stressful 3 weeks an absolute pleasure.

Take a look at this video diary of Sunette during the 3 week face to face phase of the course.

Kate, Kat, Anna, Billie and the other teachers were very supportive and encouraging. Fran and Regina were extremely helpful in trying to provide me with information and assistance in obtaining my Schengen visa to go on the course. I had a lot of trouble to get all the paperwork in Korea in order to apply for the visa and these two ladies tried to assist me by replying to more emails than I care to count. And then Mark and Nicola.  These are two phenomenal tutors and remarkable human beings!  What a privilege it was to work with them.  They were professional at all times and ready to help, guide and support any time any place – late nights and weekends included.  I could not have done the face to face without these two people. I will be forever grateful to them.

For me, personally, this course is very tough and extremely stressful – considering the workload and short time we have to cover everything in, living in a foreign country and working full time. Academically I have learnt so much from them but the tutors have also touched my life on a personal level through the selfless way in which they assisted all of us, going beyond what I think should be expected of them and sharing bits of themselves with us in the learning process. Nicola and Mark did everything from drying tears to giving pats on the back for encouragement and listening to personal insecurities, problems, complaints and fears.

I will recommend this course to anyone and everyone I meet who are interested in furthering their education.  It is hard work, something I don’t mind, but the people we deal with, both online and face to face, are experts in their fields and the much needed support and guidance are there all of the time.

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