Visa Support Service for Barcelona

We can assist you with acquiring a visa to live and work in Barcelona.

Visa Support Service

At Oxford TEFL we provide an optional visa service for trainees taking our TEFL courses that wish to stay in Spain to teach English.  Our visa service in Barcelona is different from a lot of other course providers. We actually provide assistance from within the school—we don’t outsource to another company. This means that our Spanish Visa Advisor, Tim, can work with our non-EU trainees to make sure that they get a fast and reliable service, while also keeping costs as low as possible.

Originally from the U.S., Tim has been through the whole visa process himself so he has first-hand knowledge of every aspect of visa applications and any problems which may occur. We have an almost 100% success rate in obtaining visas for those from countries such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!

Note: From 1st January 2021, UK passport holders will need to follow the same regulations as other non-EU countries (see table below for more information).

Do I need a visa?

Depending on your passport, you may be able to visit Spain without a visa. You can check the requirements for your country here.

Please note that if you come to Spain without a visa (under the 90-day rule), you will not be able to apply for a visa or extend your stay further once you are here. If you think you might want to stay in Spain for longer than 90 days, you will need to apply for a long-term visa while you are still in your home country (or country of residence).

If you are a Canadian, Australian or New Zealand citizen, you could be eligible to apply for a one-year Youth Mobility Visa/Working Holiday visa.

What are my options?

These are the most common options for our non-EU applicants:

 No Visa Required*
(up to 90 days)
Schengen Visa
(1 month)
Basic Option
Long-Term Student Visa
(7 months)
Most Popular
Long-Term Student Visa
(12 months)
Best Value
Who is it for?*Citizens of many countries (e.g., Australia, Brazil, Singapore, UK, USA) can visit Spain for up to 90 days without a visa. Click here to see the full list.Those who require a visa to visit Spain, but only plan to take the CELTA course before moving back home, or before moving on to another country.Those who want to live and work in Barcelona with as much flexibility as possible, but aren’t ready to commit to a full year.Those who want to live and work in Barcelona for at least a year, and are committed to professional development.
Where do I apply?N/AAt BLS International in your country of residence
(NOT in Spain)
At the Spanish consulate in your country of residence
(NOT in Spain)
Can I work?✔️✔️
Can I extend/renew if I decide to stay longer?✔️✔️
Course RequirementsN/ACELTA (face-to-face in Barcelona, full-time)
Oxford TEFL Visa Service
CELTA (face-to-face in Barcelona, full-time)
6 months of our
Developing Teacher
Course with Spanish

Oxford TEFL Visa Service
CELTA (face-to-face in Barcelona, full-time)
11 months of our
Developing Teacher
Course with Spanish

Oxford TEFL Visa Service
Time Needed
to Apply (approx.)
N/A4-6 weeks
(2 weeks to gather the required documents + 2-4 weeks to process your visa application at BLS International)
3 months
(2 months to gather the required documents + 1 month to process your visa application at the consulate)

Starting from €1625

CELTA course: €1625

Starting from €1685

CELTA course: €1625

Schengen Visa Support Service: €60

Starting from €3525

CELTA course: €1625

6 months DTCS & Long-Term Visa Support: €1900

Starting from €5025 €4925

CELTA course: €1625

11 months DTCS & Long-Term Visa Support: €3400 €3300

NotesThe full fees listed above will need to be paid before we can provide visa support or prepare a letter of enrolment for your visa application.


How can Oxford TEFL Barcelona help me obtain my visa?

Before arriving in Spain:

  • Unlimited support by email with replies in one business day
  • Step-by-step guidance applying for a student visa:
    • Helping you determine where to send your application
    • Confirming what documentation is required
    • Support filling in forms for the different processes required
    • Providing bilingual templates to help you save time and reduce translation costs
    • Making medical insurance recommendations


After arriving in Spain:

  • Unlimited support by email with replies in one business day
  • Step-by-step guidance applying for legally required documentation:
    • Empadronamiento (Housing Registration)
    • NIE and TIE (ID Number and ID Card)
    • Social Security Number
  • Support with translation, filling in forms and making appointments
  • Liaising with potential TEFL employers to help them sponsor your student work authorisation


Before your visa expires:

  • Step-by-step guidance renewing your student visa at no additional cost (if you are taking another course with us) 

How can I get started?

For most applicants, the first step is to apply for our Cambridge CELTA course in Barcelona. At the bottom of your application, in the “message” section, please be sure to note that you are interested in applying for a student visa.

If you already have a CELTA or a similar qualification, you can apply directly to the Developing Teacher Course with Spanish.

Juliet's experience

"I was attracted to apply for a course at Oxford TEFL in particular because of the visa support service. I had heard stories on how obtaining an NIE could be a nightmare, more so if you did not speak Spanish. Regina took me through the process and was able to get the NIE within a shortest possible time. She has further complimented my stay with a job through the school’s connection. I am a Developing Teacher and now working within legal stipulated hours for a student. For those coming to Spain to pursue their teaching career and who do not want hurdles, Oxford TEFL is their answer. And to Regina, you have no idea how much you have helped. Thank you!"
Juliet Mabutwe

Sophie's experience

"I've just started my DTCS course which is allowing me to further my teacher training, improve my Spanish and get a long-term student visa permitting me to work 20 hours a week which is perfect! Tim couldn't have been more helpful with the complicated visa process- I couldn't have done it without him. Justin has been so helpful with improving my CV!"
Sophie Sanders

Daisy's experience

"Starting the DTCS course has been the greatest decision in developing my teaching. Justin from the team has been exceedingly helpful in finding me a work placement. I would not have been able to obtain my visa without the support of Tim."
Daisy Tillott
Tim Thorp

Visa Coordinator

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