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What can the Oxford TEFL Leadership in ELT course do for you?


Duncan Foord 30 years of experience in a variety of roles in ELT including teacher, Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer, School Director, conference speaker and writer. On the Leadership in ELT course I draw on this experience gained in Spain (where I am based) and internationally. I have completed a Trinity DipTESOL and Masters in TESOL with specialism in management. Some of the activities and insights in the course are developed from my book, The Developing Teacher (Delta 2009). I am good at seeing the big picture of ELT and listening to your story to see how you fit into that. The course will be challenging and fun and build your confidence as a leader.

In this post we explain what the Oxford TEFL Leadership in ELT course can do for you:

Why you? 

You experience challenges in your current role (who doesn’t?!) and you are looking for an opportunity to reflect on those challenges and get some support dealing with them.

You may be recently promoted to a “leadership” role in ELT or already experienced as, for example, a director of studies, co-ordinator, team leader, head trainer, head of department,  school manager or director.

You are interested in finding out more about leadership, how it works and how you work as a leader. You may be looking at possible next steps in your ELT career.

What will you learn and how can it be applied?

You will learn about different leader approaches and types, how you fit into those and how they can be applied in your current work situation. 

You will work on improving your communication skills, both listening and speaking, applying basic principles in role play activities.

You will consider key aspects of leadership such as time management, delegation, teamwork, motivation and giving and receiving feedback, what you do well in these areas and how you can do better.

How does the course work? 

You will complete self-diagnostic activities individually and discuss with fellow participants how the insights from these can be applied in your work situation.

You will engage in role play and team work activities and get feedback from me. The course will include power point presentations from me outlining key concepts and frameworks in leadership, group tasks and peer presentations.

You will use case studies taken from the world of ELT in general and your own professional situation specifically.

In short you will engage in practical and thought provoking activities, get some feedback from me and build your confidence in leadership roles.

What impact will the course have?

You will return to work after the course with some specific tools and techniques you can apply in your job, in the office, in the staffroom, in the classroom, in interactions with your boss, colleagues and the team you are managing.

You may also start thinking about your next job and the steps you will take to prepare for it.

What others think about the Leadership in ELT course

“Taking the Leadership Course has been a major step in my professional career. The techniques and skills I learned brought about real changes in the way I lead my team and manage my time. Slowly but surely, I have continued to develop professionally and become more comfortable in my new role and confident about the decisions I make.” – Claire Venables

“As someone who has taken on leadership roles, I highly recommend this course to anybody involved in English Language Teaching looking to discover the leader within. The personalized virtual tutorials set this course apart from other online offerings and maximizes your learning experience.” -Adrian Aguirre

“I have just finished my Leadership on ELT course. I highly and confidently recommend it to anyone in managerial positions within the language training industry. Duncan Foord was an amazing tutor. I have learned a lot about myself and become more aware of how to effectively use my time and prioritize my tasks.” -Damian Beneyto

Are you a school manager or leader in an ELT context?
Or are you looking for a way to move into a leadership role?

Have a look to the the Leadership in ELT course, that is available on a one-to-one basis with individualised attention from your tutor Duncan who will guide you through the three modules covering a range of topics.


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