The Innovate ELT 2021 Conference by OxfordTEFL

What did we learn from last year’s online conference, and what will be different this year? Last year was our first InnovateELT online conference. We aimed to replicate all the warmth and sparkle of our traditional conference online, not an easy thing to do in the wake of zoom fatigue and a prevailing consensus among […]

Five Reasons to attend the Innovate ELT 2020 Conference

Book your Innovate ELT 2020 tickets here Get InspiredHaven’t we got more important things to think about in these “difficult times” than attending conferences? My job, my future? My covid test? Yes, it’s true you could spend your weekend worrying about these things or distracting yourself from these concerns with housework, Netflix or a night […]

Leadership in ELT. What makes a good communicator?

In the second of three articles on Leadership, Duncan Foord looks at how teachers can develop their communication skills by transferring the approach they use in the classroom to those important conversations they need to have in the big bad world outside it. What are communication skills? Ever had a conversation with a parent of […]

What can the Oxford TEFL Leadership in ELT course do for you?

Duncan Foord

Duncan Foord 30 years of experience in a variety of roles in ELT including teacher, Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer, School Director, conference speaker and writer. On the Leadership in ELT course I draw on this experience gained in Spain (where I am based) and internationally. I have completed a Trinity DipTESOL and Masters in […]