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Free Webinar: Solutions to 5 common classroom problems


In this free webinar with teacher trainer Billie Haase from Oxford TEFL we will be looking at practical solutions for common problems in the classroom. 

You will learn how to deal with:

  • Mixed levels: Providing support for weaker students whilst keeping fast finishers challenged at the same time. 
  • Latecomers: Helping them to join in without interrupting the flow to your lesson.
  • Dominant students: We all love a chatty class but what to do when one student just won’t stop talking while quieter ones don’t get a word in at all? I will show you some ways how to turn the situation round and use it to your advantage.
  • Unrealistic students’ expectations: Knowing your students’ needs well and helping them to set clear and achievable aims are vital to deal with this issue. I will show you how to identify those needs and aims and will also give you tips on how to show students that they are making progress.
  • A noisy and unruly class: Whether it be teenagers or adults, sometimes we find ourselves in the position of having to deal with a noisy class. This webinar will give you some practical advice on how you can restore order and achieve effective classroom management.

If you were unable to attend this webinar or would like to watch the presentation again, feel free to view the recording here.

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