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Meet Sinead and David, Oxford TEFL Prague


Otherwise known as ‘the Prague dream team’, Sinead and David have been working together since 2008. David has been the Course Director in Oxford TEFL Prague centre since it opened in 2003 and Sinead joined the team in the autumn of 2008, working in various different roles and currently as Course Tutor, Careers Advisor and Course Coordinator. Since then, they have helped hundreds of trainees achieve their Trinity Cert. TESOL or Trinity Dip. TESOL certificate at Oxford TEFL. If you’ve been one of these trainees, you might agree that it is not only their experience and expertise in all things related to TEFL which makes them a recipe for success; it is also their support, motivation and fun-loving attitude. For a window into Sinead and David’s world, listen to the sparks fly as Sinead interviews David below.


TEFL course Prague
Sinead and David, the ‘Prague Dream Team’



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