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Infographic: working in the Middle East

Looking to make big money in TEFL? Teaching English in the Middle East can help you achieve that. However, it’s certainly not the best idea for newly qualified teachers or the faint of heart. These oil rich countries can afford to only hire top-notch teachers. Recruitment is usually done within the expat community already based there or through online applications and recruiters. Securing a job in advance is probably the best way to go. Be prepared to adjust to a very different lifestyle, though. Especially if you’re a woman! A very positive thing about recruitment in the Middle East is that opportunities are better for non-native English teachers as long as they have the necessary qualifications, like the Trinity DipTESOL, and enough experience (usually at least 2 years). Take a look at this infographic which demonstrates some of the main features of working in the Middle East (click on image to enlarge).

teaching middle east


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