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Infographic: working in Europe

Have you always thought the idea of driving a Vespa, having a long lazy lunch followed by a siesta and travelling to a new country every weekend sounds like the perfect way to live? Then Europe could be the answer!

Throughout Eastern and Western Europe there is a stable job market for TEFL. There may be less recruitment done for English teachers who aren’t based there yet compared to previous years, but there are still plenty of job offers available. It’s usually best to look for work on the spot. Some aspects of your background or teacher development qualifications that are likely to give you an extra edge on your CV are specializions in teaching Young Learners or Business English.

If you’re not an EU citizen, you will need to consider options to be able to legally work in the EU. Eastern countries, such as the Czech Republic, are likely to offer year-long work visas to worthy applicants, whereas in other countries, like Spain, the solution is to go on a student visa and find part-time work as a student. There is always the option of teaching private classes, which will likely focus on conversational English. Take a look at this infographic which demonstrates some of the main features of working in Europe(click on image to enlarge).

Teach English Europe

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