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Free webinar: Integrating story telling techniques


In this free webinar with Oxford TEFL teacher trainer Karin Krummenacher we looked at ways to integrate story telling techniques in teacher development.  

We looked at:

  • The theory behind Story Telling – or why success stories never stick with us.
  • Traditional reflection on teaching performances and potential problems with it.
  • How to implement Story Telling in your own professional development.


A big part of my job is observing teaching practice of trainees on initial teaching training courses. After the lessons they teach they are asked to reflect on it and are provided with feedback from peers and tutors. In my experience reflection doesn’t come naturally to everyone and it can turn into a very challenging or even at times daunting task to the ones who aren’t exactly naturals. At the same time there is a lot of research that suggests that reflection is vital to teacher development, whether this is on initial teaching training courses or throughout our careers as educators.

The goal of my project was to look at a different way of approaching reflection and feedback sessions and therefore we look at different ways of how storytelling could be integrated in feedback and in reflection tasks to get more genuine reflection and make it easier for professionals to engage in it on a regular basis. I have tested all the activities and I will offer you some practical ideas to take straight into your classroom after the webinar.

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