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5 Surprising Things About Europe – And How To Make Them Work for You

CELTA course Barcelona

When it comes to ESL teaching opportunities, as a non-EU, it’s hard to refuse the chance to work and live in Europe. Delicious food? Bring it. Arts and culture? Can’t get enough. Giant castles? I’ll take a one-way ticket to Westeros, please. Of course, for those of us new to the area, there is that […]

How much does it cost to live in Cádiz?

Are you thinking about moving to Cádiz to take your Trinity CertTESOL course but you are not sure how much money to save or what your costs are likely to be? We have compiled a list of likely costs for five weeks in Cádiz to help you get an idea of budget and plan for your stay more effectively.  […]

How much does it cost to live in Malaga?

apartment malaga

Are you thinking about moving to Málaga to take your Trinity CertTESOL course but you are not sure how much money to save or what your costs are likely to be? We have compiled a list of likely costs for one month in Málaga to help you get an idea of budget and plan for […]

Rick Stein Comes to Cádiz!

Coming out of work one evening in June, we stepped onto the crowded square named after the man who is said to have invented the famous Cadiz carnival, and saw the usual tables full of diners, the iconic flowerpots that line the walls of the square, the plates of fried fish battered in the typical […]

Infographic: working in Europe

Teach English Europe

Have you always thought the idea of driving a Vespa, having a long lazy lunch followed by a siesta and travelling to a new country every weekend sounds like the perfect way to live? Then Europe could be the answer! Throughout Eastern and Western Europe there is a stable job market for TEFL. There may […]

TEFL del Sur, Cadiz

tefl cadiz

On Saturday 8th May, our partner school in Cadiz were proud hosts of TEFL del Sur, an association for teachers in the Cádiz area who meet three times a year to share ideas and experiences.  The speakers at this event were Chris Roland, who has previously tutored on our CertTESOL course and now tutors online on […]

Summer in Spain and the Festival Frenzy

feria sevile

Summer in Spain has a certain charm about it and the numerous quirky festivals which take place throughout this season are sure to keep you on your toes all day and night. Get your calendar out because here is a list of just a few of the best: April 23: Saint George Festival, Barcelona Sant Jordi, […]

Fall in love with Cadiz and start a new life in Spain

Love at first sight: Cadiz. This enchanting city in the South of Spain has a rich and varied tradition of hospitality, food and art as well as one of the most desirable climates the Mediterranean has to offer. What more could you ask for as the location of a TEFL course? Cadiz is an authentic […]

3 reasons to take a TEFL course in Malaga

  What is it about Malaga that attracts around 6 million visitors per year from around the world? And as well as a fully-equipped school and a great team to support you during your Trinity Cert. TESOL course, what else is there to look forward to? Miriam Levie, Director and course tutor at our centre […]