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3 reasons to take a TEFL course in Malaga


What is it about Malaga that attracts around 6 million visitors per year from around the world? And as well as a fully-equipped school and a great team to support you during your Trinity Cert. TESOL course, what else is there to look forward to? Miriam Levie, Director and course tutor at our centre in Malaga, explains why Malaga is one of the best destinations to learn to teach English as a foreign language.


Location, location, location.


Malaga is a great place to live. It is small enough to not get overwhelmed, but big enough to not get bored. You have easy access to the beach and a you are a stone’s throw from the mountains. This is the perfect place for someone who enjoys the outdoors like myself. You can go swimming, kayaking, snowboarding, rock climbing, snorkelling…it’s paradise really.



For people who have time and money to travel, Malaga allows easy access to both Europe and Africa. Last November I went to Morocco, but that is another story. Not only is there an international airport here, but there is also the AVE (high-speed train) which makes travelling within Spain a breeze.


It is also helpful that when I go home to the U.S, I can find relatively cheap airfare without having to drive to Madrid.


It is funny to think that there was a time when I didn’t know Malaga existed. It’s like a hidden gem among the bigger, better-known cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, or Seville. Oh and did I mention the weather is almost perfect all year round?


The People


Everybody, but specifically my students. Honestly, I love them. They are straightforward, hilarious, and all-round excellent people. They are the reason I love teaching. Everyday I am challenged and I am hardly ever bored. Watching them develop their language skills is a very rewarding experience. For those who complete their Trinity Cert. TESOL course and who decide to stay in Malaga to teach, they will have the pleasure of working some of these people.


Also, living abroad has let me meet so many different people with so many interesting stories. I like having a varied and international group of friends which is quite easy to find in Malaga.




Noticing the many differences between cultures and socio-economic systems has certainly been one of my favorite things. First of all, the fact that I don’t need a car is amazing. For some of you, you may be like “What?” but where I am from in the U.S the public transportation infrastructure is nil. I need a car for everything, but now I walk or take the bus to work. The commute is so much nicer.


Teaching English has also created an environment where I have to be hyper aware of the things that I say and how they sound. When your students repeat your accent, sometimes it’s nice, but sometimes it’s a nightmare. My own speech has changed as a result. I no longer say “down(t)stairs” or other regional nuances that make me difficult to understand (when speaking to my students).


By completing a Trinity Cert. TESOL course, it opens up many doors. As this is an accredited qualification, it is recognized by employers all over the world. Some of our trainees stay and some of them travel, using this qualification as a way of working in other countries. The very fact that I came here myself to study a TEFL course and chose to stay, is proof itself that Malaga still has a grip on me. Come to Oxford TEFL in Malaga and see for yourself what makes this place so special!


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