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Call for Sponsors (InnovateELT 2021)


With another edition of InnovateELT online on the horizon, we are on the look out for partners. With a variety of sponsorship options available, we hope you’ll join us in creating a conference to remember. 

So, what kind of partners are we looking for? In the past, we’ve forged relationships with some of the biggest names in TEFL – publishers, course providers, content creators and many more. Equally, we have enjoyed sponsorship from smaller, up-and-coming organisations who have used iELT as a springboard for their products and services. If you don’t see a sponsorship package that works for you, talk to us! We would love to hear from individual teaching entrepreneurs, academies, collectives… anyone who’s as passionate about our industry as we are.

From quizzes to coffee breaks, plenaries to posts, there’s likely something to suit your organisation, whatever its goals or budget may be. To understand more about the InnovateELT ethos, read on. If you’re already familiar with who we are, scroll down and read about the sponsorship options on offer this year.

sponsor this year's online conference

What is InnovateELT21? 

InnovateELT is a series of conferences and events that bring you the best of what’s happening in our industry today, and explore what’s in store for tomorrow. Having been in person at Oxford TEFL Barcelona since 2015, it successfully found a home online in 2020. Our 2021 edition will be online once again from 1st-2nd October and will be looking to the future and all that is in store for us in this brave new world of ELT. With this in mind, this year’s theme is Facing Forward.

It is clear that ELT is experiencing an evolutionary leap, and changes which might have taken five years or more are already well underway. At InnovateELT21 we’ll be exploring: 

  • Our continued effort to keep our schools, classrooms and minds focused on sustainability. 
  • The developments our industry is undergoing in the context of traditional, hybrid and online teaching.
  • How today’s teachers can develop their entrepreneurial skills and build an online presence. 
  • How wellbeing can be incorporated into our work to the benefit of ourselves and our students. 
  • Some of the most progressive and innovative teaching tools that will re-shape the way we teach both online and in-person. 
  • Teacher Training and how we can exploit and adapt to the boom in 100% online courses.

Over the two days we will host 30+ plenaries, workshops, talks and demo lessons as well as several online coffee breaks where our attendees can mingle and interact with a global ELT community. 

Who attends InnovateELT?

When in person, InnovateELT could proudly claim that its attendees flew in from all across Europe and even as far afield as Brazil. Now that we are online our scope has increased even more and last year we had attendees and speakers from India, Russia, Brazil, and New Zealand. Last year we had 150 attendees and speakers and we are expect to build on that in October. 

Our speakers and attendees are from all areas of the ELT spectrum, from DipTESOL tutors and Directors of Studies to recently graduated CELTA trainees. The vast majority tend to be the movers and shakers in their schools or companies including publishers, exam body representatives and leading materials writers. We pride ourselves on delivering a conference where there is plenty to take away for those new to the industry as well as the seasoned professionals and we hear again and again in our feedback that attendees leave full of ideas and excited to take what they have learnt back to their schools.

sponsorship opportunity for IELT21
Photocredit: Amvia

What will sponsoring iELT give you that you can’t get anywhere else?

  • Associate your brand/organisation with an authentic grassroots event and raise your profile in the industry.
  • Meet those who are moving the industry forward – including new voices in ELT that don’t have the chance to speak at other conferences. Connect with passionate teachers and educational leaders from Europe & beyond. 
  • Show how serious you are about sustainability, employability and valuing teachers as professionals.
  • Celebrate innovation, become inspired and get actionable takeaways to implement in your organisation.
  • Get feedback on your products from superusers of your materials.

What sponsorship options are available?

Plenary talk

€600, 2 available

What’s included?

A representative of your organisation will give a 15-minute talk to all delegates on the conference theme of Facing Forward. This can be at the beginning or end of either day.

Particularly suitable for sponsors who…

…are looking for a chance to speak at length about their vision for the future of TEFL.


€600, 2 available

What’s included?

Your representative or representatives will present a 45-minute interactive quiz to help delegates have fun and wind down after a long day of workshops. Feedback from last year’s conference shows that this was one of the most popular activities. Your quizmaster could read questions aloud, show pictures, make use of an app or website – the sky’s the limit!

Particularly suitable for sponsors who…

…have an engaging new website or app.

…want to communicate the personality of their organisation.

Coffee Break

€300, 4 available

What’s included?

In feedback, 75% of delegates identified the interactive coffee breaks as a particular highlight of last year’s conference. They are a chance for attendees to mix and chat in the same friendly, natural way as they do at the in-person event. Your representative will have a five-minute slot at the start of the coffee break to give a talk or presentation, and can also share links or slides during this time.

Particularly suitable for sponsors who…

…have a punchy message that will get delegates talking.

…appreciate a less formal context for their presentation.

Video Highlights Page

€300, 4 available

What’s included?

After the conference is finished, a selection of video highlights will be published online. These recordings will be specially selected to reflect the theme of the conference and the values of InnovateELT. Your logo, link, and a short message will be displayed prominently alongside the highlight videos. These will remain available until next year’s conference.

Particularly suitable for sponsors who…

…want longer-lasting visibility.

…have a strong focus on video.

So, what now?

If you’d like to find out more about these sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected]. Our Event Organiser will be more than happy to set up a meeting and give you any other information you need!

To find out more about Oxford TEFL, click here.

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