Workshop preview: Multiple intelligences in the classroom (Emily Kirkpatrick)

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Here’s an outline of Emily’s workshop.
“The aim of this session is to understand Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, reflect on our own strengths and those of our students and learn how to put this into practice in the language classroom. 
We will learn how to identify students’ dominant intelligences by their behaviour in the classroom, understand how these differences affect learning styles, look at how teachers can incorporate all intelligences into language lessons and how to tailor activities to students’ learning styles.
Participants will be given a short practical task to complete during the session.”

Emily Kirkpatrick’s workshop, “Multiple intelligences in the classroom”, will take place at Oxford TEFL in Barcelona on March 8th.

We invite you to give feedback on this workshop, or ask Emily questions, by leaving a comment below.

Find out more about Oxford TEFL’s Free Teacher Development Workshops for TEFL teachers, taking place in Barcelona and Prague during March by checking out these links.


You can download Emily’s PowerPoint presentation below.


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