Workshop preview: Dancing in the dark


In this video, Oxford TEFL’s Duncan Foord talks about his workshop, “Dancing in the Dark”.
“Some conversations we have at work with colleagues, bosses and students don’t go very well. Others we simply avoid when it would be better not to. How do we say what needs to be said? To shine some light on this, we will do some role playing and reflecting, based on our own experiences.”



Duncan Foord’s workshop, “Dancing in the dark”, will take place at Oxford TEFL in Barcelona on March 8th.

For those of you on Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtag #oxfordfreeworkshops

We invite you to give feedback on this workshop, or ask Duncan questions, by leaving a comment below.

Find out more about Oxford TEFL’s Free Teacher Development Workshops for TEFL teachers, taking place in Barcelona and Prague during March by checking out these links.

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