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What I learned from the Trinity Diploma


Before discussing what I learnt from the Trinity Dip. TESOL, I’m going to tell you why I chose to take it in the first place.

Trinity Dip TESOL graduate
Kat Robb, Trinity Dip. TESOL graduate.

My TEFL career has taken me around the world, on both short and long contracts, and has also exposed me to multi-lingual and monolingual learning and teaching environments. Last year I reached the point where I felt it had been such a long time since I completed my TEFL course that I was now lacking in knowledge in the classroom and that if I engaged in further study I would be able to better reach the needs of my students, and gain a more up to date knowledge of current developments in the field of TESOL. I therefore decided to enroll on the Trinity Dip. TESOL course.

The Diploma has helped me become more self-aware regarding my own teaching practice. Learning about different approaches and methodologies and assessing the value of the tasks and activities I use in the classroom, has enabled me to provide a more fulfilling and beneficial learning experience for my students. I wanted the opportunity to develop my teaching skills further, to continue with my professional development, and to learn and grow as a teacher. I feel that the Diploma has helped me achieve all of this and also enabled me to become more critically aware.

I have also used some of my new skills to set up my own blog, English and Tech. I started to engage with technology as a tool for learning just over a year ago when I became a distance learner for the Trinity Dip. TESOL. I went on to write a paper about the use of new technologies in the classroom and I am now studying an MA in TESOL & Educational Technology. With my blog I hope to share and develop my knowledge and ideas about the use of technology in language learning.

If you are considering developing your career in TEFL, moving into other areas such as course design, teacher training or being a Director of Studies, I couldnt recommend the Trinity Dip. TESOL more.

The next start date for the Trinity Dip. TESOL is February 6th. If you are interested in applying for the course you can apply here.

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