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Trinity CertTESOL vs IATQuO

Choosing the best TEFL course can be challenging due to the abundance of course providers and accreditations on offer. Trinity-accredited courses are a great place to start and will provide one of the best platforms for launching a new career or gaining a qualification to fund your travels. If you have browsed teaching job adverts, you will have noticed that most employers ask for a Trinity CertTesol or a Cambridge Celta. Trinity and Cambridge are the most widely-recognised accreditations. In addition to this, these courses stand for high-quality teacher training. On successful completion, graduates are ready to jump head-on into the classroom and employers feel confident that their teacher can provide a great service to their students. So why are so many courses accredited by IATQuO? IATQuO is a company that is frequently used by course providers as a cheaper, hands-free option. Due to the lack of inspections and continuous moderation, taking a course with this accreditation can be risky as there is no guarantee of quality. We have put together a table of comparisons so that you can see more clearly how the Trinity CertTESOL course at Oxford TEFL compares to courses accredited by IATQuO.

Questions: Trinity Cert. TESOL IATQuO
Is the certificate internationally recognized? Yes Locally recognised. May be recognized by some international employers.
Who is it accredited by? Trinity College London IATQuO
How long is the course? 4 weeks 4 weeks
How many contact hours are required? 130 hours minimum 95 hours minimum (including individual study time)
Do I need to be a native speaker to join the course? No No
Do I receive input sessions on teaching adults and young learners? Yes Set by course provider
Do I get practice teaching private classes? Yes Set by course provider
Will I create my own teaching materials? Yes Set by course provider
How many observed hours will I teach? 6 minimum 6 minimum
How will I be assessed? Observed teaching, projects, language awareness exam Observed teaching, assignments set by course provider
Do I meet a moderator? Yes, at the end of every course. The moderator will check projects and interview trainees. No, IATQuO sends a certificate for a small fee.
Are the premises inspected? Yes, at the end of every course (up to 12 times a year). Not required again after initial check.
Is the course content checked? Yes, at the end of every course (up to 12 times a year). Not required again after initial check.
Who are your tutors? Tutors must have a diploma in TESOL. Tutors should ideally have a diploma in TESOL. This is not checked by IATQuO.
Moderation frequency Every course. Not specified.
Application process Application form including writing sample and interview. Application form.  
Entry requirements To take the Trinity CertTESOL you should: –       Be 18 + –       Have at least qualifications for entry to higher education or can demonstrate academic and study potential  –       Have a very high level of language awareness and of spoken and written English (C1 minimum) To take an IATQuO accredited course: –       Be 18+ –       Level of education not specified. –       Have a good level of English (B2 minimum)
Free introductory course 20 hours Most do not provide an introductory course.
University credits? Yes No
QCF Level UK government’s Qualification and Credit Framework Level 5 Not recognized
Maximum class size 16 Set by course provider
How much is the course? from €1300 (check course prices at Oxford TEFL here) Set by course provider

The above table highlights the differences choosing a reputable company can make – whether you would like to make teaching English your career, use your certificate to travel, or prove to future employers that you have dedicated yourself and can deal with the academic demands of an intensive course. If you are considering taking a TEFL course abroad, find out more about our Trinity CertTESOL course, read about our accreditation or contact us for more information.

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