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The physicality of sounds – a presentation by Laila Khairat

Last Friday 20th February, we were lucky enough to be able to hear the presentation made by Laila Khairat, called“The physicality of sounds – using the phonemic chart” during our free teacher workshops at Oxford TEFL Barcelona. Laila is one of our Developing Teacher course graduates, with a passion for pronunciation! The presentation took us, step-by-step, through her motivation to learn the pronunciation of English sounds, triggered by her mother’s inability to make the correct sounds in English, and finally how she helps other language learners to produce the right sounds in English.


phonetic chart
Adrian Underhill’s phonetic chart


Along the way, we discovered how the mouth makes sounds, how to introduce and use the phonetic chart in class, her experience during Adrian Underhill’s summer camp training and finally to the creation of a phonemic chart for students with limited or no sight.


Download the presentation here


If you are interested in seeing Laila’s presentation, click on the link above. If you would like to specialize or learn more about how to teach pronunciation in your classes, take a look at our 3-week online Teaching Pronunciation course.

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