Workshop preview: Teaching “I’m” before “I am” (David Young)

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Oxford TEFL Prague course director David Young

“I was recently asked to do a conference workshop in Bratislava and as is the way with these things, the deadline for submissions came around all too fast and I simply threw down a title and some blurb to keep things moving. When I started to actually think about the content of the workshop and started discussing ideas with my colleagues I started to learn so much more about what I do and also the beliefs I hold about what I do. In the end the original title looked stupid to me, but what I discovered from its starting point once I started to delve deeper was all very interesting.

How often do we actually use the contracted form and what’s so special about Presidential speeches? How much are our students able to cope with, and do I really know what I’m doing? If you’ve never taught your students the glottal stop, then this session is the start of a new way of life.

Whether you have been teaching for a month, a year, or a decade, the workshop will provide a framework for assessing what it is that you already do as well as opening avenues to make changes you feel would help you to develop as a teacher. And all in the lovely atmosphere of Oxford TEFL.”

David Young’s workshop will take place at Oxford TEFL in Prague on March 15th.

For those of you on Twitter, we’ll be using the hashtag #oxfordfreeworkshops

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