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Summer work in Barcelona; is it a myth?

Is it a myth that Barcelona closes down in the summer? Do locals disappear up those windy roads to the Costa Brava only to be seen again in September a rusty brown colour from too much sea and sun? It is no lie. Barcelona is certainly quieter in August but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up some pennies while here as a teacher. But where should you look for summer work in Barcelona?


First on the list would be summer intensive courses. Our language school Oxford House Barcelona runs intensive English courses throughout the year, including July, August and September. Classes could be general English, exam classes, for adults or young learners from Monday to Thursday/Friday, two or three hours a day. Something great about teaching these courses is that after spending so much time with the same bunch of people, you can’t help but get to know them pretty well and form friendships, and these courses are also sometimes paid more than the regular extensive courses too.

If you take the Trinity Cert. TESOL course at Oxford TEFL Barcelona, our careers advisor, Regina, will be able to send your CV out to schools in Barcelona which offer this and also give you advice about where to work. Alternatively, you could Google ‘verano curso de inglés intensivo barcelona’ to find a list of schools which offer intensive English courses. Payment is likely to be around €700 – €1000 for one intensive course of 40 hours during the month (10 hours per week).

Another option could be kids summer camps. And there are A LOT. Whether it’s camping out in the Pyrenees or sports in English in a secluded village, there are a lot of parents who need a holiday too! And many of them pack their children off for a fortnight or more to learn English with enthusiastic (and patient) teachers. A couple of companies to check out are ‘Todos Monitores’ and ‘Summerschoolspain.com’, both of which offer work for monitors and teachers in Spain. You can also ‘like’ our Facebook page Oxford TEFL Jobs for regular updates, many of which include summer camps. Payment can be anything in the region of €200 – €500 per week depending on where it is and whether room and board are provided.

Thirdly, we mustn’t forget those who have chosen to fine tune their skills in English or try to pass an exam over the summer via private classes. There are a lot of residents who don’t have the time throughout the year to study English, or find they need an official certificate within a tight time frame. Private classes are a great way for teachers to make extra cash and provide a personalized service to their students. This may involve going to their home, them coming to you, or meeting in a local (quiet) place, usually for between one and three hours each time. Payment can vary depending on the teacher’s experience, location of classes and whether the student is asking for block hours in which case you could bring your price down a little. Payment is likely to be between €15 and €25 per hour. We wouldn’t recommend charging any less than €15 per hour due to the time spent preparing classes, travelling and marking homework of course.

There is always the chance you could pick up some other work over the summer, whether in a bar, restaurant, shop or in tourism. It would be a great way to learn some Spanish and meet new people. Payment can vary greatly depending on where you work, but you can expect somewhere between €7 and €12 per hour for this type of work.

Whatever you decide, make sure you are confident, presentable and friendly and that you have a recognized qualification such as the Trinity CertTESOL to show to any future employer. Good luck!

Are you thinking about coming to study or work in Barcelona this summer? Do you need a qualification to teach English in Barcelona or elsewhere? Take a look at our Trinity Cert. TESOL course page or get in touch to find out more.

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