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Infographic: working in Latin America

Dancing tango, hiking up to Machu Pichu, exploring the Andes or authentically celebrating the Day of the Dead… just a few of the many things one can enjoy in Latin America!

Being mostly Spanish speaking, the demand for TEFL teachers is really high in this part of the world. Countries like Brazil, Argentina and Chile will especially have a variety of business English students looking for teachers due to the growth in the number of work relationships with English speaking companies. Though there are many bilingual schools, you’ll likely work at a language academy. The academic year starts in February or early March and finishes in November/December (except in countries in the Northern hemisphere). Most hiring takes place the weeks before it starts, and your chances might be best if you’re looking for work on the spot. US or Canadian nationals may be at an advantage, since Latin Americans usually prefer to learn American English, but there are still opportunities for those from the UK or other countries. ¿Hablas español? Even better!

Teaching English in Latin American countries might not make you millions, but the joy of teaching some of the most motivated and enthusiastic students in the world, as well as the warm and friendly personality of locals, makes up for it.  

Take a look at this infographic which demonstrates some of the main features of working in Latin America (click on image to enlarge).

teach english latin america

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