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Oxford TEFL is offering FREE workshops to TEFL teachers in Barcelona starting on March 14th. If you are in Barcelona and interested on brushing up your skills and professional development in the world of TEFL, then join us! The sessions are all on Fridays between 11.00 and 11.50 and/or 12.10 and 13.00 and there will also be plenty of time for sharing ideas and meeting fellow teachers from in and around Barcelona.

Friday 14th March                                                             

Session1:      Improving communicative competence

Ever wondered why students don’t turn into the adept communicative wordmongers your teaching deserves? Or why, despite your best efforts, those “freer speaking” activities are just a jumbled rehash of the English that students already came into the classroom with? Why aren’t they using the new language and communicating more effectively? This workshop dares to suggest a Dogme +1 method might be what they really need

Presented by: Barney Griffiths, EFL Teacher, trainer and writer

Session 2:  How to motivate and promote autonomous learning using wikis

As teachers, we tend to find it difficult to have all our materials organised with so many different levels, timetables, students…  As students, they need to find all the materials in open spaces and access them easily so as to avoid excuses not to work and progress.  In this workshop, tips on how to create your own wiki will be given, plus some ideas on how to use it to promote autonomous learning among your students.    A free, user-friendly tool to enable communication and learning in this new era of knowledge.

Presented by: Raquel Gomez EFL Teacher and trainer

Friday 21st March                                                  

Session 1: :  More kinesthetic and creative activities for kids       

Aimed at teachers of kids and teenagers. Following on from our last workshop, this time around we’ll be looking at more ways to introduce movement and creativity into the language classroom in order to engage young learners and get them “learning on their feet”.

Presented by: Emily Kirkpatrick EFL Teacher and trainer Oxford TEFL

Session 2:  The moving Image: A history of video in ELT

From the BBC’s crash course Follow Me in the 70s, through to the 90s concept of “Active Viewing” and today’s You Tube Generation, how has the role of video changed in the last 50 years? This workshop will trace how the moving image has moved on and analyse the part it may play in the decentralized classrooms of the future

Presented by: Ben Goldstein EFL Teacher, trainer and writer

Friday 28th March                                      

Session 1:     Using jing to give feedback on writing

Are you fed up spending too much time marking and scribbling comments all over your students writing, only to have them return to you because they can’t makes sense of your feedback? In this workshop we’ll be looking at more effective ways of marking writing tasks using screencapturing tools such as jing. You will learn how to use the software, how to save time when marking and how to give feedback that encourages learners to reflect on their own work.

Presented by:  Billie Haase EFL Teacher, trainer and blogger Oxford TEFL

Session 2:     How to approach mixed-level adult classes through classroom management, classroom activities, and homework.

Due to various reasons, most of us have wound up teaching mixed-level classes. But what can we do when the students’ level in class is so varied? This workshop will focus on practical strategies for classroom use to make the most of our students’ abilities by adapting them to suit their needs.

Presented by: Gaby Albano EFL Teacher and trainer IEN

To book your place, email [email protected] stating which sessions you would like to attend.

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