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Free teacher development workshops, Barcelona


Free teacher development workshops open to all teachers working in and around Barcelona who are interested in professional development, want to get some good teaching ideas or would like to meet and share experiences with colleagues from other schools.

Fridays: Session 1: 11:00-11:50; Session 2: 12:10-13:00. Numbers will be limited, so please call/ e mail to confirm your attendance in advance!

Friday 15th November

Session 1: Neuroeducation: the appliance of science in ELT

What’s going on in the language-learning brain? What bearing does this have on our profession? Is it too soon to say? And how are we non-scientists to navigate the neural maze? This workshop asks the big questions and suggests a route through it all.
Presented by: Daniel Barber : ELT Trainer and Writer

Session 2: Using Facebook groups in class

Your students are secretly using their phones under the desk to check their Facebook messages? Come to this workshop and learn how you can exploit your students’ social media addiction to provide a whole new learning experience in your classroom. Class attendance will increase, your lessons will come to life and that student who you thought would never contribute anything to class suddenly enjoys communicating in English online.

Presented by: Billie Haase: Teacher and teacher trainer, Oxford TEFL

Friday 22nd November

Session 1: Visual, creative and kinaesthetic lessons for kids

Think back to your school days – do you remember being bored, fidgety and restless during certain classes? In order to really be engaged in what they’re learning, most kids need to move, touch, see and make, and luckily all of these we can do in the language classroom. In this session we will look at (and try) some activities aimed at visual and kinaesthetic learners. Bring a lot of energy, we’ll be up and moving around, and down on the ground sticking, cutting and colouring!

Presented by: Emily Kirkpatrick: Teacher and teacher trainer: Oxford TEFL

Session 2: Bilingual Learners in the Multilingual Classroom

Global cities like Barcelona bring together people from many different language backgrounds who often find their way into our EFL classrooms. This workshop aims to enrich our understanding of modern day bi-/multilingual realities, share experiences and consider ways in which we can incorporate this into classroom activities to help us better understand our learners, ourselves and our context.

Presented by: Francesca Walls: Teacher and PhD student. University of Barcelona.

Friday 29th November

Session 1: Recargando las pilas: un estudio de caso de ‘desestabilización’

In our field, the phenomenon of fossilization is a commonly accepted fact. But is it true that the process of learning another language just stops? As a ‘stalled’ speaker of Spanish for nearly 30 years, the speaker has taken steps to ‘destabilize’ his linguistic competence and improve his fluency. These steps include: taking classes, reading, memorizing ‘chunks’, taking a private conversation class, and so on, with the goal of being able to do a presentation, in Spanish, about the experience. This is that presentation!

Presented by: Scott Thornbury: ELT Trainer and Writer

Session 2: Try before you buy

In this workshop we will make conversation the starting point for planning lessons. You will create a series of lessons you can take and teach to your learners. By trying before you buy you will see a way to make effective lessons focused on real life language which help develop your learners’ communication skills (with minimal effort on your part). You may even have some fun.

Presented by: Nicola Meldrum: Teacher trainer, teacher and writer, Oxford TEFL

Where: Oxford Tefl, C/ Diputació 279, 08007 Barcelona.
Tel: 93 458 0111 [email protected]
When: Fridays: Session 1: 11:00-11:50 Session 2: 12:10-13:00
Remember, numbers will be limited for these free teacher development workshops, so please call/ e mail to confirm your attendance in advance!

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