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Algeria Information and Graduate Comment

By Fares Mokrani, November 2010.

In Algeria there are many opportunities for native speakers. There are 3 big schools in the capital Algiers: In-tuition, Berlitz and Language Solution. All their contact details are available on internet. Just google the name of the schools + Algeria.

It’s very easy to get a job there. Algeria is hungry for the native
speakers. The rates start from: 600 Da / hour (6 eu) and can go up to 1500 Da (15 eu). But native speakers can be given many groups very quickly and can make good money. But the thing is, renting here is not easy. Meaning that the people in general want a one year advance on the rent. One can always make an
arrangement but I can’t guarantee anything. The rental rate can go from: 150 eu per month till 800 eu. People should always be careful because people don’t miss opportunities to rip  foreigners off. The best solution is to share a flat with
an Algerian.

When it comes to the social life, alcohol in Algeria can be found only in bars and liquor stores. Most of the restaurants don’t serve it and pubs hardly exist. One has to be patient and try to meet people to build one’s own network.

It’s also advisable to rent in the capital even if the rent is expensive
(sharing a flat is the best solution) , because the public transportation is a
bit difficult to get used to. And being far from the schools doesn’t


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