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Living in India

Living in India

India is one of the up and coming nations of the world and is developing fast. In Cochin and in the state of Kerala generally, you will see very little of the kind of poverty you may see in cities such as Mumbai or New Delhi. This is mainly because the state of Kerala is known for its high educational standards and, as a result, Keralites can be found working all over the world. Many have invested their overseas earnings in homes and businesses in their home state.


Like anywhere, you have to be aware of where to go and when! For example, it is very unusual for women to go out alone at night in Cochin. It is also a good idea to ensure that you wear modest clothing as there are very few western people in Cochin and in the state of Kerala generally. People may be surprised to see you. Please ask advice from us if you are not sure about any situation.

Eating and drinking

Food in South India is extremely spicy and hot because they cook with a lot of chillies. It is not at all like the food you may have eaten in Indian restaurants in your country. It is not to everyone’s taste. You can find restaurants which serve North Indian food in Cochin and Ernakulum which is less hot. Four and five-star hotels also serve western food.

Health issues

If you have any medical conditions which require regular medication, please let us know before you arrive and we will check to see if your medication is available here. If it is not, we will find out what equivalent medications are available so you can discuss with your doctor before coming here. Medicines are inexpensive in India. If you have a medical problem such as an upset stomach, phone us and we will take you to an approved hospital. India has excellent, well-equipped modern hospitals and medical staff from India practice all over the world.

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