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Win a scholarship for a Trinity DipTESOL Course! (2019)


After the great success of our Trinity DipTESOL scholarship last year, we are very excited to announce another opportunity to win a scholarship! As well as transforming your teaching, this qualification helps you to move into other areas of ELT such as becoming a Director of Studies or teacher trainer, writing course books, and even opening your own school.

1st Prize: Full Scholarship (worth €2600)

2nd Prize: 50% Scholarship (worth €1300)

To participate:

We would like to raise awareness of the impact our profession has on the environment and how we can all contribute to a better future by reducing our climate/carbon/plastic footprints. This is why, as part of this competition, we would like to hear your ideas on how this can be done.

Step 1: Make a video (maximum 1 minute) answering the question: “How can we reduce our climate/carbon/plastic footprints across the ELT profession?” (with your phone, camera or any other device). You can talk about what schools, teachers, publishers and teacher training centres can do to address any of these issues, for example.

Step 2: Submit your video using the form below by Monday 15th July 2019. 

Step 3: “Like” our Facebook page, or Follow us on Twitter or join our LinkedIn group. We will announce the 10 finalists on these platforms on Monday 22nd July 2019.

Entries will be judged by our expert panel: Duncan Foord (Oxford TEFL Director), Christopher Graham (ELT Footprint) and Nicola Meldrum (Trinity DipTESOL Course Director) who will select our 10 favourite videos, taking into consideration:

  • How well the question was answered
  • Clarity of message
  • Ideas
  • Presentation of video

If you are one of our 10 lucky finalists, you will be asked to submit a final written task by Monday 29th July 2019. The final two winners will be announced on Monday 5th August.

UPDATE: We are happy to announce our 10 finalists!

Amirmohamed Etesam

Andrew Neve

Agustina Lemos

Clodagh Downing

Deni Savvidou

Maria Sosnovskaya

Nicki Kharzouz

Rosie Finnigan

Hebatallah Morsy Ahmed Morsy

Tetiana Myronova

The next step for our finalists is to submit the following written task to us at [email protected] by Monday July 29th. We will then choose our two finalists who will be announced on August 5th.

Written task: Please write a lesson plan for B2 students which includes a communicative task based around the topic of climate change. (Maximum one A4 side).

Thank you to all those who have submitted their videos. There have been some fantastic ideas shared which we will summarise in a blog post over the next few days.


The time has come to announce our final winners! It has been extremely challenging to just pick two winners as the quality of the videos and lesson plans were of a very high standard. We have narrowed it down to our first and second prize winners. They are:

1st prize (full scholarship): Tetiana Myronova

2nd prize (50% scholarship): Deni Savvidou

Here are the winning entries:

Lesson Plan Tetiana Myronova

We really liked how the teacher had planned a paper free lesson (minus the poster making at the end). It was a very well-rounded and thought out lesson plan that used the target language well, gave students plenty of opportunities to speak and receive feedback from the teacher. It challenges the students to not only hypothesize and speculate about what could be done to tackle climate change, but also to look at their own current living habits and get them to reflect on what they can actually change. 

Video Submission Tetiana Myronova

Tetiana’s video submission was full of practical ideas in just one minute and backed up by proof that some ideas are already working. It was clearly presented and easy-to-watch.

Lesson Plan Deni Savvidou 

We loved this plan because it was so well thought out and promotes the use of technology and alternatives over using paper in the classroom. This was the only lesson plan that had an included phonological section and the teacher has planned in specific drilling and pronunciation work of the target language. We also loved the use of phones to get the QR codes which adds another element to the students’ learning. 

Video Submission Deni Savvidou

Deni’s video submission was so creative and engaging, using only visuals and illustration to express her ideas. The narrative was also easy-to-understand and well-organised.

Congratulations to you both! Thank you also to our other participants. 

Our Trinity DipTESOL tutors

Duncan Foord

Scott Thornbury

Nicola Meldrum

Lindsay Clandfield

Adrian Underhill

Tyson Seburn

Ceri Jones

Sinéad Laffan

Anthony Gaughan

Scholarship Terms & Conditions

  1. Video entries must be emailed to [email protected] by Monday 15th July to participate.
  2. Video entries must be a maximum of one minute long and answer the question “How can we reduce our climate/carbon/plastic footprints across the ELT profession?”
  3. Finalists must submit a final written task by Monday 29th July.
  4. Neither the first nor the second prize can be donated or given to another person.
  5. The second prize cannot be combined with any of our special offers.
  6. Full payment of the 50% fees for the second prize must be received before the first day of the course.
  7. Scholarships are only for the Trinity DipTESOL course and cannot be transferred to any of our other courses.
  8. Scholarships must be commenced by the end of 2020.
  9. Scholarship winners must pay their own Trinity examination fees.
  10. Scholarship winners must pay for any costs incurred during the face to face phase of the course (transport, accommodation, living costs).
  11. Participants must meet the entry requirements for the Trinity DipTESOL course.
  12. Scholarship winners must complete the application process and provide all necessary paperwork for the course application.
  13. Participants of this scholarship competition give permission for video entries and written tasks to appear on the Oxford TEFL blog and social media.

The course has been extremely helpful in developing my teaching skills and getting into teacher training.
Jaimon George
Jaimon George
The video observations were really useful because I could record one of my regular lessons, so it didn’t take extra time.
Hannah Popham
Hannah Popham
Completing the Diploma has been one of the best decisions I have made in terms of professional growth
Alan Wong
Alan Wong
Increased confidence, job prospects and industry respect…..it was worth every penny and every minute.
Gary Jones
I would heartily recommend the Trinity DipTESOL to any EFL teacher who is looking for a new challenge.
Jayne Herzog
While doing the course I felt I was under a deep process of deconstruction as a professional.
Raquel Gomez
The Trinity DipTESOL lead directly to a position as a teacher trainer and ultimately to teaching jobs in two prestigious universities
Mark Bain
The online Trinity Diploma gave me the flexibility I needed to work and study.”
Gaia Lambert
I was particularly impressed by the fact that I got to learn from some of the most eminent professionals in ELT today.
Melody Philip

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