I had an amazing time

I have had an amazing time at Oxford TEFL and learned so much between the CELTA course, the Developing Teacher with Spanish course, and the Eco English classes I have been teaching. Thank you for all of the help and support you have provided throughout these past couple months, and the rest of the tutors […]

The tutors were supportive and motivating

The online webinars and assignments were convenient for me to work in around my busy teaching schedule.
The tutors were supportive and motivating. The face to face was an intense moment full of growth and accomplishment!

Meets the requirements for a student visa

If you’re newly qualified or have up to three years of experience, the DTS course is a solid way to improve as a teacher, learn (or relearn) Spanish, and work up to 20 hours/week to support yourself.

I enjoy the developing teacher course at OH

I enjoy the developing teacher course at OH because the class is aimed to be practical and resourceful! I am able to apply the ideas that we learn in the sessions and I now have plentiful resources. I have even provided insight to my other coworkers about classroom management and behavioral tips!

Regina took me through the process and was able to get the NIE

I was attracted to apply for a course at Oxford Tefl in particular because of the visa support service. I had heard stories on how obtaining an NIE could be a nightmare, more so if you did not speak Spanish. Regina took me through the process and was able to get the NIE within a shortest possible time.She has further complimented my stay with a job through the school’s connection. I am a Developing Teacher and now working within legal stipulated hours for a student. For those coming to Spain to pursue their teaching career and who do not want hurdles, Oxford Tefl is their answer. And to Regina, you have no idea how much you have helped. Thank you!

Regina was available both in person and via email

The major hurdle for a non-EU citizen is a lack of clear, coherent information about the steps to get the Student Visa, and being able to do things legally in Spain. The reason why I chose to study at Oxford Tefl was their professionalism, especially the clarity with what the process would be like for a non-EU citizen.

Egor Buz

I’m so glad I signed up for the Developing Teacher’s Course at Oxford TEFL