Had a lot of fun

Had a lot of fun pretending to be a kid and learning how different it is to teach them.

An excellent introduction to teaching young learners

I found this course an excellent introduction for teaching YL as I this is something I just started doing on a once-a-week base. The course offered tons of material resources and the tasks challenged me to do dilligent research on what’s available on the internet and how I can use it. The course tutor, provided […]

I now feel much more confident

This course has been really useful to me. I wasn’t sure about where to start with teaching young learners a foreign language. I had ideas, but needed guidance, and I now feel much more confident … I would recommend it to anyone.

Improve your teaching methods

I really found this course very interesting for teachers teaching Young Learners as they provide very good ideas and gives you tips on how to improve your teaching methods.

Learned a lot of things

I really enjoyed doing this course. I feel that I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before and it is been great to share my ideas with other colleagues. I would highly recommend it.

YL online

It is a really interesting and practical course because it provide us with new ideas and knowledges of teaching Young Learners.

Useful for any educator

Oxford TEFL is very flexible with the dates and accommodates the student. The course provided a lot of useful information. They adapted it so that it is useful for any educator, even those not currently teaching young learners. They provided a lot of materials, practice opportunities, feedback and open communication for all participants.

No need to be scared

I have just finished the course and I found it extremely useful. Teaching children can be daunting and this course was great for reinforcing my ideas and tactics for the young learner classroom. Every aspect of YL teaching is covered, and the input and feedback from Kirsten is very encouraging and useful. There is no […]