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10 tips to help you prepare for your CELTA course interview

CELTA course interview

If you have been thinking about changing your career, expanding your skillset or moving abroad permanently, gaining a CELTA certification is one of the best ways to get started. Practical training from a respected teacher training centre and an internationally recogised qualification in your pocket will impress employers will help your goals become a reality fast. So, now that you have applied to take the CELTA course, the next step is to prepare for your interview.

The link to attend your online interview will be sent to you via email as soon as you have scheduled your interview. You will also be sent a reminder one day and one hour before your interview is due to take place. The interview will take place using Teams. You do not need to download Teams to your device, though you can do so if you wish.

It’s normal to be nervous about this interview, so here are my Top 10 Tips to help you pass your CELTA course interview.

  1. Set up in a quiet and uncluttered space.  This is key as you will be not only heard in your interview, but also seen. You do not want your interviewer to be distracted by what you may have in the background (including pets).  If you can set up with a blank wall behind you, that is ideal (but not required).
  2. Review the CELTA course content description.  You know you want to do the course, and you have heard that it is “intensive”, but what does that mean? It is important that you are fully aware of the content of the course ahead of time, and you know what to expect from it. 
  3. Prepare 3-5 good quality questions to ask your interviewer!  I know, it may sound a bit cliche, but this shows the interviewer that you are interested and invested in doing well on the course.  It is also a good way to identify if the course is right for you! Think about what is important to you, and turn it into a question.  
  4. Be prepared for feedback from your interviewer. Your interviewer will discuss the pre-interview task with you. He / she is not expecting you to be a grammar genius (although it is great if you are), so they are going to give feedback regarding the different aspects of the task and interview. This is a key part of the interview process and the CELTA course itself.  We want you to become the best English teacher you can be, and this includes responding well to feedback.
  5. Take your time on the pre-interiew task and do it correctly. I know what you are thinking: A test? Really? But don’t think of it as a test, because that is not what it is at all.  This is a task that helps us identify your current knowledge of what you will be learning on the course, and can help shed some light on those grammar lessons you took many many years ago. Utilise any resource you can! The key is being able to utilise resources and find the answer.
  6. Before connecting, take 5 deep breaths and relax.  It is completely normal to be nervous before any interview, but we want to see the true you.  Although it is a formal interview, we want you to be comfortable and let your personality shine through the nerves. 
  7. Ask for clarification The interviewer is most likely going to give you a lot of information throughout the interview that you may not already know. If something that is said during the interview is unclear, ask for clarification.
  8. Arrive/connect on time. When you scheduled your interview, you would have selected the time which is most convenient for your time zone. Ensure that you log on at the correct time. We also recommend testing the link you received before your interview, so you can connect with just a click of a button on the day. Punctuality is very important. Don’t leave your interviewer waiting if you can avoid it. We know that sometimes life happens, and if something is going to keep you from, or delay your interview, follow the next tip.
  9. Communicate any issues ahead of time. We live in a digital age, and even now there can be some hiccups with our internet connection, or something that can cause a distraction. It is important to send a quick email to your interviewer at [email protected] to advise them that you are having technical difficulties, and decide together if you should wait or try to reschedule your interview.
  10. Check your internet connection.  OK, you’ve done everything necessary to fully prepare yourself.  You’ve put on a nice shirt, checked your background for distractions, thought of a few good questions to ask, and now it is interview time. Video can use a good amount of bandwidth, and you want to be sure that the interviewer can see and hear you. So, here is a great website that can check the speed.
Online CELTA

Ready for your CELTA course interview?

Following these 10 tips will not just help you do well during your CELTA course interview, but some will also provide you with some insight as to what it may be like to teach English online as well. I hope these help, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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