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Subsidies for your DipTESOL or other teacher development courses

The following information applies to Spanish companies only.

All companies have a certain amount of credit which they have accrued for training. This credit is then discounted from the payments made to the Social Security.

The credit is calculated and renewed on a yearly basis. If it doesn’t get used within the calendar year, it is then lost. Has there been any training done in your company this year? If not, why don’t you see if you could use it to further develop as a teacher through OxfordTEFL?

Your Trinity DipTESOL course or others could be free!

How much is the credit?
The amount of credit each company has depends on a number of factors, but all
companies have a minimum per employee. Until we access the company’s information in the system, we do not know how much credit the company has.

How much of the course can be subsidised?
The amount which can be subsidised depends on a number of things:
• Size of the company
• Cost of the course
• Amount of credit available
• Level of the training (if it is basic or advanced)

What should you do?
• Check with head of training at your company whether you can use the credit
available, or whether it’s already been used up with other training.
• Fill out the interest form that you’ll find below. The person in charge of
arranging the subsidies at OxfordTEFL will get in contact with your company to
start the process.

A minimum of 7 calendar days are required to carry out the notification in the
system before the start of the course.

Get in contact at [email protected] for more information.

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