Accomodation in Kerala, India

There are currently a variety of accommodation options. These change from time to time and we will give up to date advice before each course.

Atlas Airport Aparthotel: 1 bedroom, kitchen, and living area. 25,000 Rupees per month with air conditioning. No wifi.

GB Palace Hotel: Air conditioned room with wifi, 1,500 Rupees per day.

Homestay One: Shared room with homemade food, 5,000 Rupees per month. No wifi.

Homestay Two : Room without food 6,000 Rupees [or 3,000 rupees, if shared] and meals available on a pay as you eat basis. No wifi.


Single rooms (limited availability) with food approximately 5,000 per month.

Shared rooms with food: approximately 4,500 INR per month.

Shared dormitory rooms with food: about 3,500 INR per month.

Other costs and details:

Groceries cost around 2,000 Rupees [around 40 Euros] per week for one person if western goods are bought but less if Indian foodstuffs are bought. The expected total for the one month would be around 1, 600 Euros (200E accommodation + 160E food = 320 Euros plus your airfare. 

If you want to make your own arrangements and stay in a four or five star hotel this is up to you, however the Lord Krishna building will be a more economical choice as we get a discount because we book a number of flats. This discount is then passed on to you.

We advise you to arrive a few days in advance of the start dates of your course in order to get over jet lag and to adjust to the tropical climate if you are coming from outside India.

We will meet you at Cochin International Airport or at Angamaly railway station and take you to your accommodation for your first day and night. Please bring your mobile/ cell phone with you because on arrival you can obtain a local SIM card at the airport so that you can contact us at any time.