Accomodation in Cadíz

We aim to provide you with comfortable, low-cost accommodation, in easy reach of the school. Our accommodation-finding service is optional and free of charge.

Who will I stay with?

You can stay in a room in a shared flat. You are likely to share a flat with other people on your course, sharing the thrills and the occasional spills along the way. Alternatively you might share with English teachers or local Spanish people who have a spare room to rent. We also offer a premium host-family accommodation service. This is a room in a Spanish home, and we will give you the chance to practise your Spanish as well as take the pressure off during the course, as breakfast, dinner and a laundry and cleaning service are provided.

Where is the accommodation?

All of our accommodation is within walking distance of the school; this is one of the beauties of doing the course in a small city like Cádiz. You can easily visit all the major sites of Cádiz in a day and then take your time getting to know the city and its many attractions.

How much does it cost?

Single room: €110  per week.

Host family accommodation: €210 per week

You will pay the rent at the school on your first day of the course.

What is the accommodation like?

All of the accommodation is in apartments. Some apartments can be quite old-fashioned and not all of them have a lift. Spanish cities can be noisy, and during hot weather windows are frequently left open. Some rooms may be quite small with an “interior” window onto an inner courtyard rather than onto the street.

We can guarantee that you will be provided with an adequate room with bedding, a desk and a quiet place to work and study. You will have access to the kitchen and cooking facilities. The price quoted is inclusive of water, gas and electricity bills. It does not include use of the telephone. Accommodation is for five weeks from the Sunday before the course starts to the Saturday when it finishes. You may stay extra days before or after the course including the extra days for the Teaching Young Learners Extension course. These extra days are paid for pro-rata.

How do I book accommodation?

Complete an accommodation application form once you have been accepted on the course. We will send you details about 10 days before the course starts. You will be met and welcomed at your accommodation. We regularly monitor the standard of the accommodation provided and you will be given the opportunity to comment on this at the end of the course.


“I really enjoyed the TEFL course and definitely made the right decision living in a flat with other students on the course, as it was nice to have such support when the workload was heavy. We were all pleasantly surprised by the standard of the accommodation.”—Kate Faber (stayed in a flat share)  

“My host family was lovely, very friendly and welcoming and also flexible. A very enjoyable experience.”—Hayley Sizer (stayed with a host family)