Scott Thornbury

Introducing our expert tutors on our Trinity DipTESOL course!


We are excited to introduce to you our expert team of tutors on our upcoming Trinity DipTESOL courses! We have selected the best tutors with a wealth of experience to help you through the course, help guarantee you reach your maximum learning potential and pass the course successfully. 

  • Flexible: study for 6 months online and 3 weeks face to face in Barcelona, Prague, Cadiz, Kerala
  • prestigious, internationally recognized qualification
  • positive, dynamic and supportive learning environment
  • A rewarding course that transforms your teaching
  • Small groups
  • World class tutors

Course start dates and fees

Lindsay ClandfieldLindsay Clandfield is a well-known course book author, writer, teacher, conference speaker and teacher trainer. He is a tutor on our Grammar modules and also runs live grammar revision sessions which he aptly calls the Grammar Slammers! These are very popular events on the course. In the online modules he moderates forum discussions, does live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on cour se assignments.


Scott Thornbury

We are very happy to be welcoming back Scott Thornbury on the Diploma this year. Scott has been making regular appearances on the Diploma for the last 5 or 6 years. He is a great addition to the course and this year he will be doing a live lesson with the participants to look at spoken grammar. The participants find his contributions extremely helpful and learn new ways of looking at how we can teach grammar. He will be appearing on the Diploma in 2018. We will be sharing some of the top tips he gives out trainees after the event! Here is a link to his excellent blog, An A-Z of ELT.

Ceri JonesCeri Jones is a well-known course book author, teacher blogger, conference speaker and teacher trainer. She is a tutor on our Technology module. In this module she helps share ideas about how we can integrate technology into learning both inside and outside the classroom. She moderates forum discussions, teaches live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments.

Sinead LaffanSinéad Laffan is the coordinator of the TDSIG at Iatefl. She is also an experienced teacher, teacher trainer and writer. Her main interests is in teacher development (obviously) and she is the tutor on the Teacher Development module as well as co-tutor on the Phonology modules. In all modules she moderates forum discussions, shares ideas about TD in live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments. Sinéad has been working with us for a number of years and we are excited to have her on the team again!


anthony gaughanAnthony Gaughan is a very experienced teacher trainer, writer, teacher and occasional conference presenter. He is the tutor on the first module we do on the course about Learners and the Methods module. In the Learners module he moderates discussions about learning strategies, motivation, learners’ needs and lesson planning. He also does live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments. 

Chris RolandChris Roland is a writer, teacher, teacher trainer and conference speaker. He specialises in teaching young learners and teenagers and runs out YL module. He looks at how we can manage, motivate and effectively teach younger language learners. As well as moderating forums discussions he does live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments.

Mark McKinnon
Mark McKinnon is a very experienced teacher trainer, teacher and writer. His main interests are phonology and teaching senior learners, which he has spoken about at recent conferences. He is the tutor on the Phonology modules and also a main tutor on our face to face session in Barcelona. He moderates the forum discussions and does live video lessons as well as marking and giving feedback course assignments.

Emma Meade-Flynn Emma Meade-flynn is a very experienced teacher trainer, teacher, writer and conference speaker. She is interested in teacher development, teacher and learner interaction and team teaching in teacher training (among other ELT related things). She is a tutor on our Teachers module where we look at teacher talk, teacher roles and how we can interact with learners more effectively. She moderates forum discussions, does live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments.

Dan BainesDaniel Baines is an experienced teacher trainer, teacher, conference speaker and writer. He is interested in equal rights for teachers and an active member of the TEFL equity advocates group. He is a tutor on the Lexis module where he looks at how we can teach vocabulary more effectively. As well as moderating forums discussions, he does live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments.


David YoungDavid Young is a very experienced teacher trainer and teacher. He has been working with Oxford TEFL for many years on our Trinity CertTESOL course and Trinity DipTESOL courses, both online and face to face. He also tutors the Lexis module, looking at how to teach vocabulary more effectively. He will help you develop via his participation in forum discussions, doing live video lessons and marking and giving feedback on course assignments.


Neil McMillanNeil McMillan is a very experienced teacher trainer and teacher, writer and active member of the ELT community in Catalunya. He is a tutor on the Grammar modules and will help you consider how you can teach grammar in new, interesting, more effective ways. As well as moderating forum discussions about teaching grammar, he does live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments.


Shaun SweeneyShaun Sweeney is a very experienced tutor, teacher trainer, blogger and conference speaker. He is a tutor on the skills module where he helps with ideas on how we can develop our learners’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. He participates in forum discussions, does live video lessons and marks and gives feedback on course assignments.


adrian underhillAdrian Underhill has been a regular presence on the course for many years, and he often shares the discussions he has with our Diploma teachers on his blog. One of the key reasons teachers choose to do the Trinity Diploma is its focus on pronunciation. Adrian’s presence (as well as his book, Sound Foundations, being core reading on the course) really helps to develop their knowledge and practice in teaching pronunciation. He will be joining us in December.


Chris GrahamChristopher Graham is a freelance ELT consultant, conference speaker and writer based in the UK. He is particularly interested in teacher development in fragile and post-conflict environments. In the last year or so he has worked on several projects in Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq for the British Council and Ministry of Education and in Western Sahara for the local teacher association. In 2016 he worked with the British Council on the production of secondary EFL materials for low-resource schools in Sierra Leone. He is one of our guest tutors.


Jamie KeddieJamie Keddie is a teacher, trainer and storyteller who has shared his insights and ideas in over 40 different countries. He is the founder of Lessonstream, the resource site for teachers and author of ‘Images’ (OUP 2009), ‘Bringing online video into the classroom’ (OUP 2014) and ‘Videotelling’ (Lessonstream Books, 2017). Jamie is an associate trainer at Norwich institute for Language Education. You can sign up to his newsletter here.

Kat Robb  ELT

Kat Robb has been involved in ELT since 1995, and is based in Barcelona, Spain. She is a teacher trainer, teacher, speaker, and writer. She is one of our Cambridge exams teacher, a tutor and course content writer on the Cambridge exams, EAP and IELTS online teacher development courses, in addition to tutoring on the Trinity Dip TESOL course. Kat has a special interest in the use of new technologies for teaching and learning, and shares her ideas at conferences, on her blog and on Twitter.

Claire Venables has a wide range of experience as a teacher, teacher-trainer and Director of Studies. She has been involved in the creation of language programmes in schools, teaching training courses, and as an active member of the National English Teachers’ Association (BRAZTESOL), and on the board of two special interest groups (VOICES for Women and Young Learners and Teens).  

Nicola MeldrumLast but by all means not least, is your Course Director Nicola Meldrum. She will be there to support you throughout the online and face to face parts of the course. She is always there to answer questions, help with problems and discuss your development on the course. Nicola has helped over 400 teachers obtain their Trinity DipTESOL at Oxford TEFL. She is a very experienced Diploma tutor, teacher trainer, teacher, writer and conference speaker. Her main interests are teacher development and teaching pronunciation. She also is a tutor on the Teachers module with Emma Meade-flynn and she manages all the Unit 2 portfolios. She will help you to personalise the diploma choosing effective titles for the three research projects you do.

Graduates of our diploma course have gone on to become teacher trainers, materials writers and school managers. If you have been teaching English for a minimum of 2 years and you would like to take your teaching to the next level, this course could be for you. Open the door to some of the best jobs in ELT with this internationally-recognised qualification.

There is still time to join us on the course starting on October 1st 2018. To enrol, apply for the course here. Nicola and all our tutors look forward to working with you to obtain your Trinity DipTESOL!

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