Diploma Extensions

Occasionally, Trinity DipTESOL course participants need some extra support in order to help ensure the highest chance possible of exam success. This may be because you have returned to the course after some time off. You may also require this extra support because you need to resubmit for the unit 1 exam or submit your unit 2 projects after some time attempting to complete them to a high enough standard.

Unit 1 Basic:
  • 1 mock exam
  • Feedback from a tutor

Fee: €50


Unit 1 Premium:
  • Attend 2 live events with Lindsay Clandfield to prepare for part 1
  • Attend 2 live events with Mark McKinnon to help you prepare for parts 2 and 3
  • 1 mock exam
  • 1 feedback on mock exam from tutor

Fee: €200


Unit 2:
  • 3 hours of tutor support
  • 3 sample projects with tutor feedback
  • 3 useful templates
  • Personalised attention from a tutor to help you pass unit 2 (Skype, written feedback, email)

Fee: €200


Unit 3:  
  • Mock exam
  • Feedback from tutor

Fee: €60


Unit 4:
  • Mock exam
  • Feedback from tutor
  • Lesson planning support

Fee: €200

*If you need to resit units 3 and 4 because you have passed the 3-year limit, there is a fee of €800 from Oxford TEFL as well as the Trinity fees for Units 3 and 4.

If you would like to receive any of the above support packages, simply email David at [email protected] and then make payment.