Moira did a great job

Moira did a great job at delivering a lively session that was packed with useful ideas for Teaching Business English. She is clearly very knowledgeable and was able to answer our questions with ease. I’d definitely recommend the workshop to anyone who is unsure about their Business English classes.

My tutors have been really kind and professional teachers, I´m very grateful

“This course has been a great experience and all the others I have done with you this year. They have helped to improve my teaching skills enormously and opened new horizons in my teaching career. I want to thank you all for your help and dedication. My tutors have been really kind and professional teachers, […]

The course covers a lot of ground

I thoroughly recommend this online Teaching Business English course offered by OxfordTEFL to all aspiring and professional teachers of English as it contains a great deal of useful and practical information that is crucial for teacher development in this area.


The Teaching Business English course covered a lot of ground in little time, and many of the concepts and techniques taught would be applicable in every sort of classroom. Both beginning and experienced instructors can expect to find something fresh to keep their teaching lively, relevant, and effective. Recommended.

A very stimulating experience

Taking this course was a very stimulating experience. It was really practical and efficient in exploring the particularities of teaching Business English and how it differed from General English. It taught me how to make the most of the office environment, to use the student and their knowledge as a resource and how to think on my feet to produce quick and efficient needs analysis for my studets and cater the best solutions to them. I received continuous feedback and support from my tutor and plenty of resources and suggestions regarding teaching materials and teacher development.

Oxford Tefl’s online Business English course is perfect…

Oxford Tefl’s online Business English course is perfect as an introduction and/or refresh for teachers in this particular field. Having qualified with a celta over five years ago, it was really stimulating to reflect on and revisit best practice.

Just what I was hoping for

The course has done wonders for my self confidence and has given me some valuable tools that I will be able to implement immediately at work. Just what I was hoping for!