My Trinity Dip. TESOL Experience by Sunette Labuschagne

A friend told me about the Trinity Dip. TESOL at the beginning of the year and recommended Oxford TEFL because, according to her, Oxford TEFL provided wonderful support during the 6 month online phase, something that other courses and MAs apparently often lack. I do not have experience with others schools but I can vouch for Oxford […]

My Dip Experience

Way back in 2008 I did my Trinity Cert. TESOL in Barcelona with OxfordTefl as a way to pursue my ambitious travel itinerary. I’d always wanted to teach but never thought about TEFL before. After the course I worked, travelled and discovered that I really loved teaching English. This was something I wanted to make […]

What I learned from the Trinity Diploma

Trinity Dip TESOL graduate

Before discussing what I learnt from the Trinity Dip. TESOL, I’m going to tell you why I chose to take it in the first place. My TEFL career has taken me around the world, on both short and long contracts, and has also exposed me to multi-lingual and monolingual learning and teaching environments. Last year […]