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New accommodation service for Oxford TEFL trainees in Barcelona


We’ve recently changed how we organise accommodation at Oxford TEFL Barcelona, so now there’s a lot more freedom of choice for our trainees and a lot more direct contact between trainees and hosts. If you’re looking for accommodation, we still offer a month’s accommodation with a host no more than 20 minutes away from the school, who can be an English teacher or a Spanish speaker, and the basic requirements to be a host are still the same.

TEFL course accommodation Barcelona

The difference is that now, it’s all done through Facebook. The Facebook group is Oxford TEFL Accommodation and there you’ll find a selection of albums with photos of each and every flat our hosts offer. The idea is that both hosts and trainees join the group, hosts upload pictures of their flat with a description of it and an information form with all the details, then trainees can pick a flat they’d like to stay in and contact the host to see if it’s available. So rather than just tell us your preferences, you can actively select where you’d like to spend the month, even knowing what the flat looks like.


So if you’re looking for accommodation for your course in Barcelona, you’re a host already, or you just want more information, please join the group Oxford TEFL Accommodation and take a look!


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