About our partner schools

We welcome opportunities to work with partner schools and institutions around the world. They help us learn and grow. These collaborations can take many forms; below are some examples. Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us or just to find out more.

  • Franchise and sales agreements. Apart from our own schools in Prague and Barcelona we collaborate with other schools to offer the Trinity Cert TESOL in different locations around the world. Trainees can benefit in this way from a wider choice of destinations and being part of the Oxford TEFL network which allows them to access job opportunities and support from our careers advisors in each location as well as further training course with us at discounted prices.
  • Teacher Training provided by us for your school or association. We create tailor made teacher development programs on line, face to face, or a mixture of both (blended) for schools around the world. Find out more.
  • Teacher training provided by you and us together. Our blended courses for example can be offered with participants trained by us on line and by you face to face.
  • Agency agreements. Your school or organization sends us students (teachers or language students) and we pay you a commission.